Pregnancy & Parenthood

This page includes weekly pregnancy updates (with Dawson) and posts related to both of my boys!

Dawson-Month 8

Dawson-Month 6

Dawson-Month 5

Dawson-Month 2

Dawson-Month 1

Week 40 Update

Nursery Tour

Week 39 Update

Week 38 Update

Our Birth Plan

Week 37 Update

Week 36 Update

Week 35 Update

Week 34 Update

Week 33 Update

Week 32 Update

Baby Shower

Week 30 Update

Week 29 Update

Week 26 Update

Week 24 Update

Week 23 Update

Week 22 Update

Week 20 Update

Week 19 Update

Week 18 Update

Week 17 Update

Week 16 Update

Gender Reveal

Surprise Ultrasound

Week 14Β 

Week 12

Introducing my new running buddy!


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