May Goals – 2016

Summer is here, y’all! That is, if you live in South Carolina. We pretty much have March and April for Spring and then the heat cranks up big time! I am not in the shape I hoped to be in by this time in 2016 but I’m not going to beat myself up about it. Just means I need to re-evaluate, re-set and get to work. We’ve got our big 10 year wedding anniversary cruise coming up in August and Andrew and I both want to be a bit more confident in our bathing suits. I’ve come up with a few goals that I’ve set for myself for May, hoping that this will lead to great results at the end of the month. Let me know your May goals in the comments section!

*Meal Prep* – Andrew and I spent a little bit of time meal-prepping on Sunday. We had a lot of fun cooking together and getting our children involved. I already have a post saved in my draft folder to share with y’all because the experience was great. My goal is to meal-prep every week this month. This is an efficient way to make sure I eat breakfast (which I normally only like for dinner) and serves as a great way to track what I’m using for fuel to nourish my body.

Meal Prep.png

Getting things ready for this week’s meals.

*Run 3x a Week*

*2 Races in less than 24 Hours* – If you have been following along on here you’ve noticed that if all goes according to plan, I’ll be crossing this off my Life List soon. This weekend as a matter of fact!

*One Class a Week* 

*Get Better Sleep* – Some of this is out of my control. I’m hopeful we will have a resolution soon regarding Andrew’s medical concerns that are causing me to lose sleep. But, I’m also going to be mindful of controlling what I can control to make this situation better. I’m going to try to go to bed earlier. I’m going to try to push myself harder during my workouts so I am tired.

Do you make monthly fitness goals for yourself? What are your goals this month?




One thought on “May Goals – 2016

  1. May goals- 1) more yoga/stretching (I started this in April and I’m excited to continue!) 2) Hydration! I’m in Florida so the heat is coming. I definitely need to make sure I’m meeting my water goals everyday!

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