Here Goes

Life List - 2 Races


That’s right, I am registered to participate in two 5k races that start only 15 hours apart from one another! One of the goals on my life list has been to run 2 separate races within 24 hours. If everything goes well, I’ll cross that off my list Mother’s Day weekend!

The first one is on Friday, May 6th on the beautiful Swamp Rabbit Trail. I’ve participated in this race twice before, once as a runner and again as a stroller walker. This race is insanely crowded and for a registration fee of only $6 you can see why! The crowd really bothered me the first year to be honest. But, I’ve learned that this is not really a race to try to PR in. For me, it is more about taking in the beautiful scenes from my community while running with thousands of my neighbors. I’m looking forward to my first race of 2016 and pray that the weather is nice (and hopefully cooler than the temps. we are facing this week).

The next one is the following morning. I’m registered with my mom, brother and sister. I’m really looking forward to this one because it will be a family affair while the one the night before I’ll be solo. My family usually participates in a race together every January but do to scheduling conflicts this year we had to pass. So, this race is sort of a “make-up” for missing our traditional race.

I’m excited to hit the racing scene again. I’ve not set my expectations super high for either race. Both of these are races for me to kind of see where I am post-surgery and post-recovery. They will also be a way for me to test out my knees and hips and see if the rest time I’ve given them has really helped (I sure hope so!). I plan to have recaps for both races up soon after I cross the finish line for both. Follow my social media accounts to see how my races go and definitely feel free to send me a shout out of encouragement along the way. If you plan to participate please let me know and we will meet up!

As always, thanks for reading!





4 thoughts on “Here Goes

  1. WOW! Good luck! I had a goal last year to complete a 5k less than a week after a half marathon, and I did! I’d like to put a goal like this on my racing bucket list! Thanks for the inspiration!

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