Dawson-8 Months

Dawson turned 8 months old on June 6th. The last update I wrote about him was when he was 6 months old, and life with him just keeps getting better with each passing day!

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 11.13.16 PM

My mini me!

Dawson is a really big baby. I don’t know his “official” measurements, because he doesn’t go back to the doctor for a check-up until next month. However, we have weighed and measured him at home, and he is roughly 30 inches long, and weighs about 20 pounds. He just barely fits into 9-month clothes, with 12-month clothes fitting him best.

He is really starting to develop his own personality, and his communication skills are excellent. He definitely lets you know what he likes, doesn’t like, when he is hungry, wants to be held, etc. There isn’t any guess work with Dawson. He wears his emotions on his sleeve, and his eyes let you know exactly what he is thinking-something he without a doubt got from his Momma! With that being said, he is not a crier or emotional baby. He pretty much communicates through grunting, patting and we are attempting to teach him sign language (he can sign “more” and we are working on “please”). He has been saying Dada for a couple of months, but just started saying Mama this month. At first, he would only say my name when he woke up crying, but now he says it throughout the day-one of the sweetest sounds I’ve ever heard! He also says, “Hey there” and “Bubba” (what he calls his older brother, Connor).

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 11.28.50 PM

Their favorite pastime!

We take the boys swimming almost everyday! Don’t worry, we keep them covered in sunscreen and well hydrated (neither have had any sunburn at all). Dawson has a baby float that he likes to sit in but he really gets excited when we take him out and hold him in the water. He splashes, kicks and is quite fearless in the water. Connor is still the perfect big brother to Dawson. He will feed him a bottle from time to time, read to him, play with him on the floor and instinctively grabs Dawson if he sees him reaching for something he shouldn’t have (Dawson loves to try to put ANYTHING in his mouth-we’ve been baby proofing EVERYTHING in our apartment). Dawson gets fired up when Connor enters the same room. He likes to “attack” him, cover him in kisses and usually pulls his hair (we are all trying to teach him the word “gentle”-he is so very strong).


Dawson “praising” and holding his favorite toy “silky”.

I came home from work one day and Andrew showed me something he taught Dawson that is so precious (I’ll post a video soon). Andy will look at Dawson and will tell him to “praise.” In turn, Dawson will raise his arms in the air and start squealing and laughing. I call it “taking us to church” lol. Another funny story about Dawson is how he loves feeling different textures, in particular silk. I have a silk robe that he tries to chew every time I wear it. I can’t wear it long, because it quickly becomes absolutely drenched with his drool. So, we got him the “silky” pictured above. It has tags all along the outside, which is another thing Dawson loves to chew on. It is definitely his favorite toy, but it isn’t something he depends on for comfort or has to have constantly. Speaking of chewing…Dawson is still toothless! Connor started getting teeth at 3 months so this has been a shock to us. But, it is so cute to see this huge, strong baby of ours without a single tooth in his mouth. I say that his mouth looks like that of a whale shark, what do you think?

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 12.05.37 AM

He may not have teeth yet, but this little boy chews on anything he can get his hands on!

Dawson tried stage 3 baby food but, without teeth, he had difficulty swallowing the pieces that weren’t pureed. So, he is still on stage 2 foods. He is taking between 4-6 6oz bottles of formula a day, along with 3 “meals” of baby food throughout the day. Of course the bottles depend on the day because sometimes he’ll need a little less or a little more. But, he regularly has a breakfast, lunch and dinner consisting of fruits, veggies, rice cereal and often a pureed protein. He loves yogurt ,and typically has that with breakfast or as a snack.

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 11.57.22 PM

Dawson’s favorite food: Yogurt in any flavor!

Dawson has always had a special bond with his Daddy. He was very attached to me while I was nursing, and I was a little upset that as he weaned that attachment started to slip. I understood that it was just that he no longer relied on me for nourishment, but it still hurt my heart a little bit. It is funny though, once Dawson started to really say my name over the last few weeks, he has wanted his Momma more and more. He wants me to hold him a little longer, gets a little cozier when we cuddle and he interacts with me a lot more. He is still a Daddy’s boy but he isn’t solely attached to him like he was right after I stopped nursing.

One of the biggest milestones for Dawson this month was that he stood on his own for the first time! Granted, it was for maybe a second but he has been really working on it. He can walk with assistance too. He holds onto furniture and then walks the length of whatever it is he is holding. We are going to the beach in a few weeks with my family and I’m a little hopeful that Dawson is standing on his own by then. I can imagine how precious it would be to see my little guy standing unassisted in the sand!

We’ve had a fun month watching Dawson grow and find his personality. I look forward to what this next month holds for our little one and I’ll be sure to share our experiences with you!

YOUR THOUGHTS: How old was your baby when he/she started cutting teeth? What milestones are you looking forward to experiencing with your child?


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