July 2015 Fitness Goals

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I have been really bad at not following through with my monthly goals. June was very difficult with my toe injury and honestly, I’ve been really focusing on weight loss goals instead of the bigger picture of monthly goals. Now that I have seen success with my weight loss (I’d like to lose more but I’m happy to be seeing progress) it is time for me to shake things up and accomplish a few other goals this month.

GOAL 1: Strength Training- I was able to stop wearing my medical shoe this week, so I am all cleared to get back to my regular exercises at the YMCA. My goal is to strength train at least 3 times a week. I have a Spartan Sprint coming up in September and have absolutely ZERO upper body strength! It is time to tighten up those muscles and find those abs that have been hiding under my baby belly. I have been missing kettle bell exercises and I’m looking forward to getting back to it!

GOAL 2: Run/Walk/Elliptical/Treadmill 50 Miles- Honestly, I originally wanted to log more miles for July. But, with my scheduling in mind, I think 50 miles is more of a realistic and attainable goal. I have my first 5K of the year on Saturday (Red, White and Blue Shoes). I will have only been out of my medical shoe for 6 days so my only goal for that race is to finish. I am researching half marathon training plans for a race I will be running in the fall. Any suggestions? I want to start training soon so that will be one tool I use in keeping myself accountable for my milage this month.

GOAL 3: Make Better Food Choices- We are usually pretty good at making sure that we meal plan each week, but we fell off the wagon last month and went out to eat way too much. This month I’d like to only go out to eat once a week (at most), have a few salads a week, grill A LOT, cut out the sweet stuff (ice cream is my weakness) and guzzle water. I eat plenty of fruit but I really need to get out of my comfort zone and try different veggies. I’d like to try a few new-to-us recipes this month as well.

GOAL 4: Lose 5 Pounds- If you follow me on Instagram then you know that I recommend splitting your major weight loss goal into 5 sub-goals. I’m currently on sub-goal #2 which is losing 13 pounds. I’ve lost two of those so far and if I lose five more this month I’ll have less than half of my sub-goal left to lose. If I make better food choices, run and focus on strength training as mentioned above, then losing 5 pounds this month should be easy to accomplish. 

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I’m hoping that July will be a great month without any injuries. I feel like I am starting from scratch and that can be a little depressing. But, it is a good thing to change things up a bit and I’m excited to get started on these new goals!

YOUR THOUGHTS: What goals have you made for July? What are your plans for the holiday weekend?


4 thoughts on “July 2015 Fitness Goals

    • Exactly! When we get stuck in a rut cooking the same meals over and over we usually bail on the meal plan and grab fast food. Cooking new recipes together can be a fun “date night” too!

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