10K Training Schedule

I am so excited that in 8 weeks I will be running the Asheville 10K! The race will be held on Saturday, June 6th in Asheville, NC (about an hour and fifteen minutes from our new address). This will be my first race medal of 2015! Check that pretty baby out:

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 10.14.38 PM


I am pretty bad at starting training plans and not following through with them. I usually “wing it”. However, I am not prepared for this race and I cannot risk injury by doing things on my own. I want to commit to a training plan that will help me feel confident the day of the race. I also don’t want to start a plan that intimidates me either.

I spent some time researching training plans today and found the one below:

This is the plan that I started last night. It is my speed and I don’t think I’ll become bored with it. The timing of this plan is perfect too because it lasts as long as I have left to train. I have printed this chart out, stuck it on the fridge and then I’ll use a marker to color in each box as I complete that days training.

If you follow me on Facebook you’ll see that I’ve asked my readers and friends to join me if they are in the area. If you are nearby, join us too! Just leave a comment below or send me an email (greaterfitnessblog @ gmail .com) letting me know that you are in and I’ll send you the details! You do not have to run the race at my pace, I just ask that you meet me at the finisher’s party so we can get pictures together with our new bling! As an added incentive, any reader who completes this training and the race will receive a pretty awesome prize from me. I would love to count on you as additional accountability while I try to stick this training plan out and run a successful race!

QOTD: Are you good at sticking to training plans? Want to run Asheville with me?


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