Dawson-Month 5

*I apologize for disappearing for the past two months. I am working on something HUGE that I can’t wait to share with all of you. I can’t share what it is just yet, but keep checking on my Facebook page for details to slowly trickle in! I will have regularly scheduled posts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays going forward.*

My little Dawson turned 5 months old on March 6th. I’ve enjoyed seeing his personality really start to come through and shine. He started sitting up on his own this month. He does still flop over occasionally but he can usually pull himself back up on his own. We started him on solids a little over a month ago (per doctor’s suggestion). It has been really fun to see his expression when he tries something new. He isn’t a huge fan of sweet foods (he gets that from his Daddy) but he seems to really love veggies. I planned on making his baby food but he kept spitting it out. We tried Plum Organics and that is by far his favorite brand of food.

5 mths

He wakes up so happy in the mornings!

Dawson weighs 17 pounds and is 27 inches long. Lifting him is definitely a great workout for my arms! Speaking of “exercise,” my baby boy absolutely loves the exersaucer Andrew’s parents gave him for Christmas. He can play with all of the little toys on there and he bounces non-stop in that thing.


Dawson says, “Good Morning!”

Dawson is absolutely in love with his big brother, Connor. When Connor holds him, Dawson will wrap his little arms around his neck, hold his hair then kiss (more like drool) all over Connor’s cheek.  Connor is very patient and gentle with Dawson. He is already an excellent role model for him.

I usually close these updates with a little update on me post baby. I’ve got that post scheduled for Friday. It is a long one. I’ve got a post coming Wednesday that I’ve been a little hesitant to post because it is very real and not a bunch of “fluff.” I strongly believe in transparency with my blog so I’m going to be honest and shoot straight in that post. It ties into my 5 month postpartum post. I’m hoping it is something my readers (moms and non-mommies alike) will be able to relate to. Until then, enjoy your new week!

beautiful boy

Have a wonderful week, friends!


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