Weekly Workout Recap (Dec. 27th-Jan. 2nd)

Now that the holidays are over it is time for me to buckle down and get serious about losing the rest of my baby weight, toning up and preparing for upcoming races. December 27th through January 2nd was my first full week of working out postpartum. My goal was to hit the gym at least 4 out of those 7 days. I am happy to say that I surpassed that goal by going to the gym 6 out of 7 days! I started slow because it had been months since I had routinely worked out. Toward the end of the week I started to find my groove and was sweating up a storm when my workouts were over! Let’s take a look:

Saturday- 1.5 miles on elliptical 

Sunday- 1.5 miles on elliptical, arms & abs My parents watched the kids so that Andrew and I could workout together. I was unfamiliar with some of the machines (we are fairly new to this gym, we were members at our old gym for 3 years) so Andrew showed me how to use the ones that I was interested in. He was extremely helpful and I’m so thankful to him because now I feel confident using any of the exercise equipment there.

Monday- 30 minute ab circuit I am a black card member at Planet Fitness. I am a huge fan of their 30 min total body and 12 ab rooms. They are great for when you are in a hurry and all of the equipment is easily accessible.

Tuesday-Rest Day

Wednesday (New Year’s Eve)- 1/2 mile elliptical, 12 minute abs & 30 minute total body After hearing how much my sister and I liked Planet Fitness, my mom decided she wanted to check it out. I invited her to come with me on this night. I spent some time showing her how to use various machines as Andrew showed me. Our workout was good but quick because they closed early for New Year’s Eve. My mom liked it so much she ended up joining that night!


Excuse the blurriness.

Thursday (Happy New Year!)- 2 miles elliptical, 2 miles bike, arms, abs This was the first day of the #100JanuaryMiles Challenge that I’m hosting. Doing the cardio on top of the lifting was intense. I upped the weights and repetitions. This workout hurt so good! It was the first time I could “feel the burn” for an entire workout since before becoming pregnant and having Dawson.

Friday- 6 miles bike

weekly workout

I use this dry erase board on my refrigerator to log my workouts (along with MyFitnessPal). This has proven in the past to motivate me to go to the gym. It is also a good way to look at my progress and challenge me to log more miles or lift heavier weights the following week.

I’m looking forward to adding more weight and miles this week. My half marathon training plan begins tomorrow so I’m curious to see if I’m ready for it.

QOTD: What is your favorite type of exercise? How often do you workout every week?


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