2015 & January Goals

Happy New Year!

This year I’ve decided to have 2 overall fitness goals and then set a few goals for each month. I think by setting goals each month, my overall 2015 goals will be easier to achieve. Goal #1 is to log 1,000 miles by walking/running/biking. That was one of the reasons that I created the 100 January Miles with Greater Fitness challenge on Facebook. I intend to host this challenge every month this year, which would put me over my goal! I have plans to run several races, including half marathons, but they will be included and discussed in my monthly goals posts. Goal #2 is to return to my happy weight/fitness level. The picture below is the one that comes to mind when I think of this goal. I was in the best shape of my life and I was seconds away from crossing the finish line to a new 5K PR when the photo was captured.


I’m ready to lose the rest of my baby weight, tone up and crush my old PR’s!

My goals for January are to:

*Run/Walk/Bike 100 miles and post my progress through the above mentioned Facebook group

*Stick to a 1200 calorie diet. I’ll use MyFitnessPal app to help me track this, along with fat, sugar, sodium, etc intake.


If you use myfitnesspal please connect with me! My username is TeenyLey.

*Go to the gym at least 4 times a week

*Only drink water, 100% juice or milk

*Lose 10 pounds

The good thing about all of these goals is that I’ve already started to get used to what it takes to achieve them. For the past week, I’ve only drank the above mentioned drinks, gone to the gym 6 days out of 7, used myfitnesspal and logged 4 of my 100 miles today.

I didn’t want to start from scratch with my January goals. I wanted goals that I could ease into. I plan to challenge myself more in February. I’ll also be running in my first post pregnancy 5K next month, so I’m using this month to train.

Do you make new fitness goals each year? Do you make monthly goals?


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