100 January Miles with Greater Fitness

2015 will be here in 3 days! Most people will be spending the next few days writing down their resolutions for the New Year. I will be one of those and will have my 2015 goals in a post on Thursday. Last year one of my goals was to run 1,000 miles. It didn’t happen. Between work, school, being pregnant, taking care of Connor and being a wife, I just didn’t make the time to accomplish a goal that was important to me.

I’ve decided to revisit that goal and make it happen in 2015. How do I plan on tackling that huge goal? By creating mini goals! January-December I will be hosting a 100 Miles Challenge through Facebook. And, you are all invited to join me! At the end of each month there will be a giveaway…have I convinced you to join yet?

Just click this link that will take you to the Facebook group. From there, the rules are simple: 1-Leave a comment with the number of miles you complete each time you run, walk or bike during the month of January. 2-Elliptical and treadmill count. 3-Every person who logs 100 miles by midnight on January 31st will be entered to win a surprise giveaway hosted by Greater Fitness. 4-For each person that you invite to join (who logs their miles) you will gain an additional giveaway entry per person. So, invite lots of friends and family! 5-Winner will be announced February 1st by Noon. 

I’m teaming up with a lot of great companies to bring the winners some awesome prizes! I’m hoping that this challenge will motivate all of us to stay active, healthy and fit during 2015! I hope to see you join the group and start logging your miles! Remember, the challenge starts on Thursday, January 1st! Use #100JanuaryMiles when posting pictures on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!


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