Dawson-Month 2

Dawson was 2 months old on December 6th. We had Christmas pictures made on that day and I put off writing this update until they were edited because I wanted to share them with y’all!

dawson 2 month

Dawson has changed so much in one short month. We are able to see his personality and it is a sweet one! He really only cries when he needs something, otherwise he is happy and content. I think he will be a talker like me and his big brother. He coos constantly! Month 2 has also been fun because he now clearly recognizes his family. When I walk into the house after work he turns his head to me and smiles. Same with his daddy, brother, grandparents and my sister.

dawson christmas outfit

He had his 2 month shots this month. He had an oral vaccine and two shots in each leg. It was hard for this Momma to watch! He spiked a fever soon after we left the doctor, but it didn’t last too long. He also got his first cold this month too. We assume it came from daycare because I caught it too. We both had a runny nose and congestion. He was pitiful for a few days but recovered quickly!

family christmas pic

Dawson currently weighs 12 pounds and is wearing size 3-6 month clothes! His legs are too long for  size 0-3 so I sold a few pieces at my favorite consignment store and boxed up a few outfits to keep. He takes about 4 ounces of milk every 3 hours. He usually only wakes up once a night and goes right back to sleep after having his diaper changed and taking a bottle.

boys at christmas

Connor is an excellent big brother. He likes to hold Dawson and is comfortable giving him a bottle. He does walk out of the room when we give Dawson a bath or change his diaper. It makes him uncomfortable, haha! Connor likes to cuddle with his brother on the couch and he talks to him a lot. They are precious together.

How are things going with me two months postpartum? I feel great! Still no signs of depression, so I feel like I am in the clear. I have lost 17 of the 30 pounds that I gained with Dawson. Losing that weight has helped me stay motivated to lose the rest (and maybe an additional 10). I had goals of running various races at this point but I’ve listened to my body, it currently isn’t ready (more on that in a different post). Right now, I am sticking to the elliptical and weights.

ley gym

I look forward to seeing what Dawson’s third month has in store for our family. It will be a lot of fun as we start a new year!


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