Dawson-Month 1

Dawson is one month today (it is also my 28th birthday-how fun!) and I find it so hard to believe!

1 month

The first two weeks of Dawson’s life were an adjustment to be totally honest. Breastfeeding went perfectly at the hospital but it was so difficult when we got home. Nobody told me how hard it would be those days in between having colustrum and my milk coming in. Dawson was attached to me non-stop. While I loved having that time to cuddle and hold him, it made things hard. Andy would take Dawson on car rides just so I could take a shower. We grabbed fast food for every single meal. Dawson also lost weight-more than what is typical of a newborn. His weight at birth was 8 pounds, 7 ounces and he got down to 7 pounds, 5 ounces. His pediatrician’s office has several lactation consultants which was a tremendous help. They suggested supplementing formula until my milk came in but the ironic thing is my milk came in while I was in their office! To play it safe though, we used formula in a small tube (along with continuing to breastfeed) until he reached his birth weight, which he did last week! Thankfully, nursing is going much smoother now and I even have milk in the freezer for when he goes to daycare.

up close

Dawson has sort of made a schedule for himself that is pretty nice. He wakes up every three hours. We change his diaper, nurse him (or give him a bottle of breast milk), cuddle and then he falls asleep. He is a bit more aware and alert now. He isn’t a huge fan of his swing or other similar devices. We are ok with that though. I want to hold him and enjoy this time as much as I can before I go back to work. I’m able to get cleaning done and take a shower during the day when he naps. I’ve cooked dinner every night this week too.


Connor was excited that Dawson got to experience his first Halloween! We went to a Trunk or Treat with Gamma!

Dawson loves to take a bath, especially having his hair washed. He likes going on car rides and listening to music. We’ve heard him laugh several times and he smiles throughout the day. He gets hiccups multiple times a day, which is quite funny. He had them daily when I was pregnant so his doctor isn’t concerned. He does not like to have a dirty diaper. He lets us know when he needs a new one because he immediately starts fussing. He can roll onto his right side and just last night he was able to grasp something in his hand for the first time (the string on a hoodie I was wearing while nursing him).


Nursing Dawson at sunset on the beach was so relaxing!

Each day has been easier than the day before with Dawson. Adjusting to life as a family of four hasn’t been that difficult (other than the first two weeks). We are sleeping better at night which is good. Dawson sleeps in a sort of basinet that is on the floor next to Andy’s side of the bed. When Dawson wakes up Andy changes his diaper, I’ll nurse him then hand him back to Andy. Andy will then pat Dawson’s back and/or cuddle with him until Dawson falls asleep. We have found that this makes our nights easier, Dawson falls asleep faster and both of us are equally responsible.


How are things going with me one month postpartum? I am happy! No signs of depression this time around. I love having a routine and we’ve worked really hard to create a new one for our family. I started back at the gym this week. My first workout was tough but each workout has been easier and my body has felt more like the one I used to have. I don’t know how much weight I’ve lost yet. I don’t want to weigh myself until my 6 week follow-up appointment. I don’t like being obsessed with scales and refuse to have them in our house. I only like to weigh once a month at the doctor or gym so that the numbers are a surprise and I can’t have anxiety weighing myself everyday at home.


Sorry for the blurry picture! My first workout was a tough one!

We took at weekend vacation to the beach this past month and that was so good for my soul! I love watching my two sons interact with one another. Connor is the excellent big brother that I knew he would be. He likes to feed Dawson but walks out of the room anytime we change his diaper. However, he doesn’t mind me nursing in front of him. Dawson and Andy have a special bond that is obvious. There is something special between those two and it is precious.

Baby Face

Next week is my last week of maternity leave. It makes me a bit sad when I think about it. However, I work at Dawson’s preschool so I will always be just a room away from him. I love his classroom and his teachers are excellent. I will able to take breaks to not only pump but to nurse him. I look forward to seeing what changes he makes during the next month. I look forward to the holidays with him. I’m already excited about sharing our traditions with him and making new ones. Dawson is a huge blessing to our family and a wonderful addition!


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