Dawson’s Birth Story-Part 2

Be sure to read Part 1 if you haven’t already!

After getting my epidural things went smoothly for awhile. Every so often my nurse and/or doctor would come in to check my progress. I never had to hit the button that would give me more medicine because the epidural was working well. When I had an epidural with Connor I waited until I was at 8cm and only my right side went numb. Getting the epidural so early this time was a wise decision because it was very even. Around noon I was at 4cm. My sister was picking Connor up from school that day so Andy and I asked her to check him out early so that he could come visit us at the hospital before his brother was born.

final 3

By the time they arrived I was still at 4. Andy took Connor to the cafeteria for lunch and Katelyn (my sister) and I were able to have some time together.

hospital kate

I was still feeling great at this point. However, I wasn’t progressing at all and I was still at 4cm. My doctor wasn’t too concerned yet. Dawson has always done things his way which is something she acknowledged so we decided to just wait and see how things looked a few hours later. We originally didn’t want any visitors until after Dawson’s birth. But, things were moving slow and we wanted more company so we invited our parents to come visit us around 5.

Almost immediately after calling our families and inviting them to stop by I started to feel major pressure in my bottom. I told my nurse and she said that was a good indicator that I was getting close to pushing. I disagreed with her. I knew the feeling of needing to push from having Connor but this was different. She checked me and I was still at 4. I was near tears at this point because the pressure was so intense and the epidural wasn’t doing anything for it. My doctor checked me again and I was still at 4cm. She told me that there wasn’t much she could do for me other than keep waiting. I asked her if I would need a C Section and she assured me that I wasn’t at that point yet. However, she did tell me that they were going to put a monitor on Dawson’s head to get an idea of how strong my contractions were because I couldn’t feel them (thanks to the epidural-I cannot stress enough how wonderful it was). The tears came pouring out of my eyes at that point. I couldn’t control them and I couldn’t even tell her why I was crying. She asked me if I was just overwhelmed and I told her yes. I was getting frustrated because I could not explain to anyone how intense the pressure was that I was feeling and no one seemed to know why I would feel that way. I looked at her and said “I’ll have a C Section. It’s ok.” She told me that she wanted me to have a vaginal delivery and would do all she could to make that happen.

She and the nurses put the monitor on Dawson’s head. That was when she realized that Dawson was flipped. Most babies are born with their nose and eyes facing down. Dawson was the opposite and the back of his head was pushing against my bottom. That explained the awful pressure. My nurses and I started joking that Dawson was a literal “pain in my butt.” lol Then two more nurses came in with a variation of a birthing ball called a peanut. One of the nurses told me that every time they used it a baby had flipped into the right position. The peanut was placed between my legs and every thirty minutes I had to rotate laying on my opposite side.

Right after they got it in place our family started to arrive. Andy and I looked forward to getting to spend time with them before Dawson was born but I don’t really remember much of their visit. I wasn’t in any pain at all but the pressure in my bottom was terrible. My nurses were coming in every thirty minutes to flip me onto my other side and adjust the peanut. Every time they came in I would tell them that the pressure was just getting worse. The anestheseologist then came in to check things out. She decided to give me a shot of Lidocaine (I think) through my epidural. She told me to give it 30 minutes and if that didn’t work then she could redo my epidural. That was tough because the epidural was fabulous with controlling my pain but didn’t do a thing for the pressure. I told her absolutely she could redo the epidural though. I think she, the doctor and nurses then realized how awful the pressure had to be for me to agree to have the epidural redone.

It was around 8 o’clock at this time. Andy’s family had left and my family was in the waiting room. And I was still at 4cm. I could feel the Lidocaine go down my back (it was freezing). Nothing happened to the pressure. I waited and waited. The pressure didn’t ease up at all. My wonderful nurse, Natalie, came in to check me. I told her that I felt like I needed to pee. She emptied my bladder then decided to go ahead and see if I had dilated any more. She looked at me and Andy and said, “Let me go get another nurse to check. I think you are at 8 or 9.” It was go time!

go time

Part 3 (my final installment) will be posted soon!


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