Dawson’s Birth Story-Part 1

On Wednesday, October 1st I went to my OBGYN because I was 41 weeks + 4 days with Dawson. At the appointment he measured well and his heartbeat was great. However, I was still at 1 cm. My doctor asked if I was ready for an induction and I told her yes! I hadn’t slept in months, I was having contractions, Andy’s surprise birthday party was a week later and we had a vacation planned for the beach. Mostly, I was ready to meet Dawson! They couldn’t work me in until the upcoming Sunday. That was fine with us because it gave us a few days to finish preparing for Dawson and to spend a few extra days with Connor alone.

On Sunday, October 5th Andy and I dropped Connor off at my mom’s house. Andy and I arrived at the hospital around 9pm. I walked into the room and started crying. I was overwhelmed with emotion. I was ready to meet our baby but I was also scared. I had terrible anxiety throughout my pregnancy and I was worried that things wouldn’t go well. Andy helped me calm my nerves and the staff was wonderful! The anesthesiologist spoke with me and I signed several papers allowing the hospital to treat me. Next, two nurses came in and they were like angels to me. They were so sweet and really took time to get to know me. I was 1 of 4 patients in Labor & Delivery and the others were sleeping. This allowed me to have a lot of time to spend with the nurses and tell them exactly what I wanted to happen with Dawson’s delivery.

hospital standing

The were supposed to insert a disc to help my cervix thin and dilate. When they checked me I was already at 3 cm on my own so the doctor on call said not to use the disc. Instead I was told that I would be given Pitocin at 5am. One of the nurses went ahead and started an IV with fluids but I was free to move around to use the bathroom and hang out around my room. Once they left Andy and I decided to go to sleep because we knew the next day would be busy.

Right at 5 I was woken up by a new shift nurse who I also really liked. My doctor also came in to check on me. I was very excited to see her because out of the 5 doctors who work at my OBGYN office, she was the one that I wanted when it came time to have Dawson. She started the Pitocin and I was offered an epidural. I wanted to take a bath before I had the epidural because I knew that it could be another day before I was able to bathe again.


Yep, that is a BAMR Band that I’m wearing and it really did keep my hair out of my face! Ignore my acne please! I had it my entire pregnancy!

As soon as I stepped out of the bathtub I felt major cramps in my abdomen. I told the nurse that I was ready to get the epidural whenever they could get it for me. In no time a different anesthesiologist from the night before came in. Again, she was excellent. I leaned over the bed and held Andy’s hands as the anesthesiologist prepped my back. I felt a little sting that brought tears to my eyes and then it was over. She offered to show me some of the wires and I declined to look. She explained that I could hit a button that would give me a boost of medicine if I needed it. I quickly felt the numbness wash over my belly, waist, legs then toes. I felt wonderful!

bamr bands

You’ll have to stay tuned to read the rest of Dawson’s story! Until then, how about at fun giveaway? Katie from BAMR Bands is giving away ONE headband to a lucky reader! Entering is easy! Just leave a comment on my Greater Fitness Facebook page telling me what color you would like. Contest ends Friday at 5pm Eastern. Good luck!


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