My Hospital Bag

When I delivered Connor almost 8 years ago, I had no idea what to pack for the hospital. This time around I have a much better idea of what I’ll need. I thought this post might be helpful for those of you who don’t know what to pack as your due date approaches or you can use this list in the future.

full bag

This is a large utility tote from Thirty One. I used two small bags inside that I had from purchases that I made at Victoria’s Secret. This made organizing a little easier.


I packed my own hair dryer. The ones at hospitals and hotels just do not work well with my hair and I know that I will want a shower as soon as I can after Dawson’s birth. I also packed a bottle of serum that I use to help straighten my hair, my hairbrush and I have an empty KT tape case that I put some bobby pins in. I bought that clear travel bag from Target. It includes a toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, a small comb and I threw a mini bottle of perfume in there as well. The flower bag contains my makeup.

bag 2

I was so hungry after I had Connor and I immediately wanted something to eat. I don’t want to instantly grab something unhealthy to eat after having Dawson so I have packed Bear Naked granola bars and a bag of their loose granola. We have a refrigerator in my room so we will have some yogurt in there as well. I packed my breastfeeding book because I knew that I would have downtime Sunday night before the Pitocin began on Monday. I also brought my pregnancy journal with me so that Andy and I could record what time different things occurred, who visited, etc for Dawson’s scrapbook.

bag 3

Next, clothes. I packed some comfy socks to keep my feet nice and warm. I also packed my PRO Compression socks. Those things provide immediate comfort (review to come soon). I packed several pair of underwear. I also packed my two favorite sports bras from Victoria’s Secret. They zip in the front and are perfect for nursing. I also packed them with the hope that I would be able to labor in the tub for a little bit and I could wear one for modesty. I packed 3 dresses (1 of which I wore Sunday when I went to be admitted). I didn’t pack pants because I would much rather wear a dress so it isn’t as constricting as a pants band right after having a baby. Plus, I love wearing dresses! I have a small bag of q-tips that I put in there as well.

bag 4

I packed one pair of pajama bottoms and a tank that are too big for me in case I was cold at the hospital and wanted pants (I highly doubt I’ll use them though). I had coupons that made the Total refresh wipes and always pads free (NOT looking forward to that part of having a baby but oh well…) Andy bought me a bottle of Fenugreek to help with milk production and I packed a small bottle of Lanolin that friend gave me. I found a breastfeeding started kit on clearance at Target that I packed as well. It has soothing gel pads, bags, creams, etc. On top of that box is a little container of make-up remover wipes and a little container of hand sanitizer. I bought a small box of medicated hemorrhoid pads just in case I needed them. And lastly, my favorite gum in the world, Orbit in a pink container.

bag 5

This is a small gift for Connor that I wrapped up in paper and tied up with a bow. He loves Batman so I bought him a pack of tattoos. Also, he collects nutcrackers that we display at Christmas. A tradition that my mom and step-dad started for him years ago. He has wanted this pirate nutcracker every since Hobby Lobby put the display up a few weeks ago. We write on the base of the nutcrackers who they were from, the year and if there was something special about it. On this one we put “Your first gift from Dawson.” I look forward to seeing him open it.

*Not pictured is my pillow (I have I difficult time sleeping without it) and a small Mickey Mouse blanket that we bought from Walt Disney World during Connor’s first vacation to the parks.*

Anything missing that you think moms should pack? What other items would you suggest?


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