Pregnancy Update: Week 41

I was 41 weeks on Saturday! I never would have guessed that Dawson would have an October birthday! I actually like it! His birthday will be less than 2 weeks from his Daddy’s and isn’t he going to be so tiny and adorable at Halloween?! I told Andy that I can already picture his 1st birthday party…costumes, yummy fall treats and lots of yellow and orange! I absolutely love this time of year too!

41 weeks

Weight Gain: As of last week I was at 30 even.

Cravings: Nothing really besides that Publix sub that I keep talking about!

Aversions: I can’t think of anything at the moment.

The Good: Our baby is on his way. Connor is so thrilled. He has been talking to my belly, kissing it and rubbing it a lot lately. I think he is a little nervous. He told me that I can’t cry at the hospital because he will cry. He has the best heart. Dawson is still moving around a lot. He is very active. He gets hiccups about every other day and you can see them through my belly. That is one thing that I will miss about being pregnant with him.

The Bad: My body definitely knows that Dawson is about to be born. I’ve had contractions (some mild, others very painful), nausea, sweats, chills, and overall discomfort. Sleeping just isn’t happening anymore. I’m very ready to have that precious child in my arms. Sleepless nights will be easier when he is keeping me awake needing to be fed or held. Right now, they aren’t fun!

With all that being said, it is time to tell you a little secret (if you haven’t heard the news already):

hospital standing

I’m in labor! Dawson should be born sometime today! Details to come in a later post. For now, please keep the baby, myself and my family in your prayers. I’m anxious, worried, in pain and scared. At the same time I am thrilled that this little miracle that we have waited so long for is finally coming today. I am ready to kiss him, nurse him and be his mother. I already love you so much Dawson Gentry and I look forward to meeting you soon!

hospital bed

If you want to keep up with the progress of Dawson’s delivery and photos follow #dawsonbean14 on social media. 


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