October Goals

I’m a day late with this. I went to the doctor yesterday to discuss being induced so that pushed this post back a day. It is hard to set goals when you don’t know when your baby is coming! We have an induction date scheduled but I am keeping it off of here and this page’s social media for now. I want to surprise my readers and our friends! For this post I am linking up with Melyssa from The Nectar Collective. Check out her blog!

october goals


1. Deliver Dawson- This goal isn’t much of a surprise. He was due September 29th and I am currently 5 days overdue. Connor was born two days late but I actually went into labor with him on his due date. I am still at 1 cm and about 40% effaced. This has not changed in over a month. Also, Dawson is getting big. My doctor and I both think that he will be over 8 pounds (Connor was 7 pounds, 14 ounces). So, like I mentioned above I will be induced sometime over the next two weeks, but you’ll have to stay tuned to find out when. I am actually looking forward to it. Being a planner, this is actually wonderful for me. I feel so much more prepared now, knowing when I have to be at the hospital. It also makes things smoother with planning the care for Connor. We have everything lined up for him with who is taking him to school, packing his lunches, sleepovers, etc. I am so ready to meet our second child and for Connor to become a big brother!

2. Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon 5KRemember when I put this race on my “Future Race Goals” post? My plan was to walk the 5K and push Dawson in his stroller. The next day, Andy would run the half. It looks like both races are unlikely to happen for us. Andy has still not recovered from his broken foot and Dawson is scheduled to be born very close to the date of the race. I haven’t ruled it out yet, in fact I really want to do it. This race totally depends on Dawson. Will he be ok in a stroller for that long? Will I need to nurse him? How old will he actually be? Lots of questions go into considering that race so if I accomplish it I will be thrilled.

3. Walk 50 Miles- These can be slow and almost all of them will include me pushing Dawson in his stroller around our neighborhood or the track at our local YMCA. However, I’m itching to get back outside with this gorgeous weather we are having in South Carolina. I haven’t put miles on my Brooks since March. I am so ready to lace them up again!

4. Lose 10 pounds- To be honest, my goal is to lose more than that by the end of October. However, I had terrible post-partum depression with Connor and I actually continued to gain weight after having him. I gained 41 pounds while pregnant with him and then an additional 30 over the course of several years since his birth. Thankfully, I lost all of that about a year before getting pregnant with Dawson but it is still something that I am planning to conquer now, before he is even born. I’ve gained 30 pounds total with Dawson and I’m actually very pleased with that. I plan to breastfeed him (I didn’t with Connor). I have joined a new gym (more on that later) and I have big races coming up soon to keep me motivated this time around. So, I’m hoping to lose more than 10 pounds by the end of the month but I’m keeping my goal there because I’m not sure what is realistic. Assuming Dawson is 8 pounds plus the placenta and fluids, that right there will account for 10 pounds. So, maybe I’m not aiming too high? I’ll readjust my weight loss goal each month.

5. Halloween Costumes- This is a fun goal! Connor wants to be Spider Man so I’m on a mission to find him a costume soon. Dawson has a Toy Story costume but I’m not sure if it will fit him. I don’t want to share which character yet so it will be a surprise. I plan to dress as Jessie to go with Dawson and I’m not sure who Andy will be. We love Halloween in our family and I’m so excited to have two little boys to take to carnivals, Fall Festivals, pumpkin patches, apple orchards, etc.

*Don’t forget that ALL color run tutus are currently $10 and all runDisney Wine & Dine and Avenger’s Half Marathon tutus are on sale for $25! Leave a comment or send me an email letting me know that you want one and I’ll get back with you about design, etc!*

What goals do you have for October? Any races coming up that you are excited about?


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