DIY Medal Hanger

As Dawson’s delivery quickly approaches, I am trying to take steps to help me fight off postpartum blues. I suffered from postpartum depression badly with Connor, and I am hoping not to with Dawson. I figured a good way to help me would be to get things lined up to enjoy after he is born – things that make me happy. I have plans to run in several races soon after his birth (you can read about my current race goals here). Currently my medals are on a hanger that actually belongs to my husband. My mom and step-dad bought it from Running on the Wall as part of his Christmas gift. I have put off buying one for myself because I didn’t see the need with only having 2 medals. However, I was shopping at Hobby Lobby for tutu supplies over the weekend, and I was hit with the idea to make a medal hanger of my own. My friend made one a while back that is super cute, and she said it wasn’t that difficult to do. I also love to craft. It puts me in a good mood. I figured if I made one now it would serve as an incentive to get my body back into shape after my baby’s delivery. So, how did I make the hanger, how much did it cost and how did it turn out? Let’s take a look:

First, I laid out all of my supplies.

what you need

The most difficult part of this entire project for me was picking out the colors. I saw the wooden stars (47 cents each for 2) and it inspired me to put “Wish Upon A Star” as the quote on the wooden board. Then I went to the paint section. I couldn’t remember what I had at home, so I bought a 3-pack of sponge brushes ($1.77). Pink is my favorite color, so I picked out a dark shade that I thought would make white letters pop. The paints were $1.99 each (for 2) and the wooden letter pack was $3.99 (I only used one and took the other one back). Then I picked out a small wooden board for $2.39. The last thing I needed was hardware. The medal hooks were sold 8 in a pack for $1.77, and the wall hangers were also 8 in a pack for $1.77. My total was $16.61 before tax (I didn’t factor in tax because I also bought supplies for several tutu orders). I could have picked out material that was priced lower but these are the items that I liked. I did have a 40% off a regular item coupon, but I used it on tulle for a tutu. I was actually satisfied with the overall price and didn’t think it was bad at all.

After laying everything out I decided to first paint the wooden board pink. You will see several shades of it throughout my pictures. I painted several coats to get it the color that I wanted.

step 1

Then, I sorted out the letters and painted the ones that I needed white.

step 2

Once both the letters and the board dried I attached the letters and the stars using hot glue (I had a glue gun and sticks at home so they were not factored into the cost).


You can see where I was applying another coat of paint to get it the shade that I was happy with.

I let the entire thing dry overnight. The next day I took it over to my mom’s house so my step-dad could attach the hangers. I didn’t have the tools and I knew that he would make sure that it looked perfect.


Isn’t the finished product super cute? It looks homemade, sure but I’m happy with it. Until I get more medals, I think it is perfect for the few that I have. Connor wanted me to make a hanger for his medals too. I figured that while I was at it I would make a bib holder as well.

medal 1

medal 2

Connor wanted his to say “Go for the Gold.” Our bib holder says “You Bring out the Best in Me.” The three of us watch 7th Heaven reruns very often and that was a quote from the show that we try to always be aware of.

I think everything turned out looking pretty nice. I hope to have a third medal to add to it in October, depending on my recovery from Dawson’s delivery. My goal is to have it full by this time next year-or earlier!

What are your thoughts on my DIY project? How do you display your medals?


4 thoughts on “DIY Medal Hanger

  1. Those are adorable! I finally broke down a few months ago and made a few hangers for my medals. I need to do a post about them! I wanted hooks like you have but could not find them!!!
    They are cute and get the job done 🙂

    • Thank you! I wanted silver hangers but they only had gold. I told myself I had to have 5 medals to “reward” myself with a hanger. But, I changed my mind and decided it would be a good way to motivate me after my pregnancy.

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