Pregnancy Update: Week 40

I turned 40 weeks on Saturday, which means I am currently 3 days overdue with Dawson. A congratulations to my step-dad. He is the only family member who guessed an October birthday for our little boy and it looks like he will be correct! I highly, highly doubt I’ll deliver him tonight. It looks like Dawson will be sharing a birthday month with his Daddy, 2 uncles (Andy’s twin and older brother), and Granna (Andrew’s mom)! I think it is sweet!

Normally I like to do these updates on Thursdays so I can include details from my doctor’s visits that happen on Wednesdays. However, there is no telling when Dawson will arrive, so I planned today to be on the safe side and I can always do a recap on my doctor’s appointment at another date. Assuming Dawson isn’t born today, then I will go to the doctor tomorrow morning, and we will schedule a date for an induction. I have had intense contractions, but they are sporadic. Couple that with a huge sense of pressure in my lower abdomen and Dawson being full-term, I am absolutely fine with the possibility of being induced. However, I wont share the date until our family knows.

week 40

Weight Gain: As of last week I was at 30 even.

Cravings: Besides a Publix sub, I’m really in the mood for home cooked meals. About a month ago my mom, sister and I made several freezer meals so that cooking would be convenient after Dawson was born. We haven’t bought many groceries this week (just breakfast, lunch and dinner things for Connor) because we assumed I’d be at the hospital and didn’t want any food to spoil. I thawed out one of the meals last night (spaghetti) and it was delicious! I’m definitely in the mood for heavy, fall meals! Not good for my expanding waist line but so, so yummy!

Aversions: Nothing really at this point!

The Good: Andy took off work for four days over the course of last weekend and this week, assuming that Dawson would be born. Andy couldn’t really turn those days back in, so that has given us a really long weekend with each other and Connor. We’ve spent nights watching TV in bed while eating Oreos with milk with Connor in between us. We had a small group of friends and family to watch the Clemson game Saturday night. We’ve just really been able to enjoy time together while waiting on Dawson and it has been wonderful.

The Bad: I haven’t slept a full night in at least a month. Not fun. I’ve had moments of very painful contractions. So much so, that we have grabbed our bags thinking it was “go time” only to have them stop and go away.


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