Nursery Tour!

Dawson’s room is ready! It is so cozy, warm and inviting. It is probably my favorite room in the house! Now that it is all finished I thought you all would want to check it out. I would love to read your thoughts on it in the comments.

Once I knew that we were having a boy I wanted a nautical themed nursery. Andy wanted super heroes. I quickly said no. We decided instead of having a typical theme that we would have certain colors that we would build off of. We fell in love with grey and aqua/teal blue and decided to build from that. First, the crib. We found it at Target and really liked the color and the fact that it was a convertible crib and he could use it as a toddler. We were very excited about this purchase because Connor’s was a used one. It was actually the one that Andrew and his twin brother used. It felt good to buy this one on our own. Connor and Andy “surprised” me with it on Mother’s Day, even though I had a feeling I would be getting it.dawson crib 2

Dawson room This is the what Dawson’s room looks like when you open his door. Andrew’s mom painted the walls the warm khaki color. They were originally an odd pink/brown color and Andy and I both agreed that color immediately had to go! My mom ordered Dawson’s bedding for us as a gift from Babies R Us. Before we even bought the crib we got the couch and love seat. A high school friend of ours put a picture of them on Facebook saying that they were in good condition but that he and his wife didn’t have the space for them. He gave them to us at no cost! We bought the floor lamp from Wal-Mart. We like the soft glow that it gives the room at night. The curtains came from Target and we bought the tie backs for around $5 at Big Lots. We used Command Strips to attach those so we didn’t put holes in the wall. The 4 drawer dresser was another Wal-Mart find. I believe it was less than $20. Inside are blankets, sleeper outfits, along with shorts and pants. I framed some of my favorite photos from our Edisto vacation and put them up there along with a vanilla scented candle (my favorite!).  The little toy bag on top of it was at Home Goods for only $7! Andrew’s mom bought us the sweet “For This Child We Prayed” sign soon after we found out Dawson’s gender. I bought the Boppy brand new from Once Upon a Child for $12. The Diaper Genie was a shower gift. My sister and I found the rug for $20 at Ross. I love that rug and so does Connor. Connor likes to sit on it while he builds Legos. It is so soft and adds a little something fun to Dawon’s room, I think. Dawson table To the right of Dawson’s crib is my absolute favorite piece of furniture. His “changing table” was actually Andrew’s grandparent’s dresser that my mom spent days converting. She sanded it, stripped it, stained it, attached hardware and all the other steps that it took to make it look so nice. I love that we can later use this as a dresser for him and that it belonged to Dawson’s great grandparents and that his Grandma “made it”. It is a very special and sentimental piece. Inside the drawers I have diapers, swaddles, burp cloths and extra Diaper Genie bags. The caddy on top has lotion, diaper rash ointment, diapers, wipes and medical supplies such as droppers and a thermometer. I have a picture of Andy, Connor and I from the beach too so that Dawson can see his family while we are changing his clothes/diapers. The white box under the table contains clothes that are sized 6 months and older. I put them there so I could easily switch out clothes that he outgrows with ones that he will grow into. The gray basket on top my mom bought for dirty laundry.

Dawson bookcase

To the right of that is a bathroom that connects to mine and Andrew’s bedroom. The “His” hook, I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby. I loved the handwritten look of it and color. His crib bedding came with the diaper holder so I have a couple of open packs of newborn diapers in there. The bookcase underneath was Connor’s. We bought him a new one that was a bit more mature and passed his old one down to Dawson. We also went through Connor’s old books and he picked out which ones that he wanted his brother to have. The little bag with Dawson’s name on it was a gift a parent made me (her daughter is in my class at work). Dawson closet To the right of the bookcase is Dawson’s closet. On the top you can see a shopping cart cover and baby carrier. Both were gifts from our Aunt and Uncle. The white bag beside of it contains clothes that are sizes 6 months and up. I found the organizer at Once Upon a Child for $8. The clothes that are hung are divided into winter clothes (sweaters, jackets, etc.), collard outfits (mostly church things) and overalls (he has a bunch of overalls!). The two top drawers are all onesies. In the blue containers I have hats, bibs, socks and shoes. On the floor to the left are diapers that are size 2 and to the right are diapers that are size 1.

Hopefully, I will be posting pictures of sweet Dawson in his room soon! What do you think of his room? Do you like the colors?


6 thoughts on “Nursery Tour!

  1. Aww very lovely nursery! Big too! I love the colors! Great job! 🙂 we won’t have a nursery. The crib will be in our room but hopefully we can make a nursery area. Though our room isn’t too big plus the walls are purple/pink. (Since it’s my in-laws house/master bedroom)

    • Thank you! We have a co-sleeper that we are using in our room at night. We plan on using his crib for nap time and when he starts to sleep through the night. I should have put that in the tour. Thanks for reading and for your comment!

    • Thank you! His room is so cozy. It is a great place to relax and read a book. I plan on taking naps on the couch while he sleeps in his crib. It is so calm in there. He’ll be here soon, I promise!

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