Pregnancy Update: Week 39!

I went to the doctor yesterday and I haven’t progressed at all. Part of me is relieved because I want a few more days with just Andy and Connor. However, part of me was shocked because I have felt a tremendous amount of pressure in my lower back and “down there”. So, I’m still at 1 cm. My doctor believes that I will go into labor on Dawson’s due date, just like I did with Connor. I’m predicting that he will be born on Monday. I do have an appointment next Wednesday just in case he isn’t born by then. We will then discuss an induction date. I’m not opposed to that at all but I am hoping and praying that my little guy will come on his own. I want him to choose his birthday.

39 weeks

Excuse the pajamas, glasses and make-up free face. Clearly, I don’t feel well.

Weight Gain: Remember those two pounds that I lost last week (week 38 update)? They are back. Thankfully, I didn’t gain anything else on top of that. So, my total is 30 pounds even.

Cravings: I love an ice cold glass bottle of Coke but I don’t know if I would call it a craving. However, I have had a constant craving my entire pregnancy that I’m about to get my hands on-a Publix sub sandwich! I haven’t been able to eat one this whole pregnancy. My doctors want me to avoid it because of the potential Listeria. So, my sister is under strict orders to buy me one as soon as Dawson is born. She made that promise 39 weeks ago and I cannot wait to see her walk into my hospital room carrying one! It’s the little things, people!

Aversions: I can’t really think of any. Oh, people asking if I have had Dawson yet. I know their intentions are good. But, I promise that when I have him, you all will know!

The Good: I’m dreaming about Dawson about every night. I’ve had dreams about Connor holding him, seeing his face for the first time, Andy handing him to me. I am excited to see if he looks anything like the baby in my dreams.

The Bad: I haven’t slept for a full night in over two weeks. I just hurt down there, plain and simple. Mentally, emotionally and really physically everywhere else I feel fine. But, the pressure is there in a bad way. Putting on pants is a huge undertaking and the weather is too cool to wear my dresses that fit. Because I can’t sleep at night, I am exhausted during the day. However, I’ve never been someone who can nap during the day so I am not getting sleep at all, which I know will only get worse when Dawson is born.

Baby’s Size: My app says, “He weighs measures about 20 inches and weighs a bit over 7 pounds, about the size of a mini-watermelon. (Boys tend to be slightly heavier than girls.)  (


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