Pacebands Giveaway!

*Disclosure: Pacebands was kind enough to give me one free band to review. As always, all opinions are my own.*

Recently, Pacebands gave me a band to try out. I’ve seen these bands on other blogs, and I’ve also seen them being worn at some of the races I have participated in. I picked a blue one with white lettering because I figured the color would stand out and be easy to read while I was running. Pacebands offers a variety of colors to choose from. Speaking of variety, I was very impressed with the huge selection of race distances and times that were offered.


I will slowly ease back into running after Dawson’s birth, so I picked a 5K pace of 33 minutes. My current 5K PR is longer than 33 minutes and I figured the band would help me achieve a new PR in the coming months. The thing I like about Pacebands is that it is a great addition to whatever running watch you use (I use a Garmin). For example, my watch tells me what my current pace is but, the Paceband will help me track and keep in mind the goal I should have for each mile. This is especially great for me because I am terribly bad at math and trying to keep up with my goals and pace while running is incredibly frustrating. My Paceband will be a huge asset in me reaching my race goals. I know that I’ll be ordering additional distances in the future.

Want a chance to win a Paceband? Pacebands is offering one winner a band with the choice of their color, distance and pace. In order to enter you must like/follow @greaterfitness on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram along with Pacebands on Facebook or Twitter. You will only need to follow us both on one social media outlet but the more you follow, the more entries you will receive. Look for a “Contest Question of the Day” on ALL of my social media accounts. Once you answer the question you will be entered. If you answer on all three you will get 3 entries. The contest ends Friday night at 6pm Eastern time and you can enter each day (so you have a total of 12 opportunities to enter!) Good Luck!

*Once again, Pacebands did provide me with a complimentary band. All opinions are my own.*


4 thoughts on “Pacebands Giveaway!

  1. Those are awesome! And, it’s a great souvenir to have from a race too. I use a Garmin, but could definitely see how those would be useful, because I always have to keep checking it to see if my pace is where it’s supposed to be, and often it’s 5-10 seconds too slow or too fast and I’m just hoping it will all average out! Very cool!

    • I am the same way. Then, I spend time trying to figure out the math and I end up slowing down. Pacebands takes all of the guesswork and math out so that is so nice! Thanks for reading and for your comment!

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