Future Race Goals

I know that most of my posts have been about my pregnancy for the past several months. I have truly missed blogging about my weight loss and fitness journey. It was a great tool in keeping me accountable, and I hope that it served as a way to inspire my readers, the way that other blogs have encouraged me. I plan to get back to how the blog was before I became pregnant, and for starters I thought I would share my current and future race goals with you. This is a big step for me. I had my feelings hurt badly last year when several people in my life chose to compete against me rather than support and encourage me. Some seemed more interested in exceeding or matching what I did – a feat that wasn’t difficult, because I was learning, and a very slow runner. But as someone who struggled with self-confidence and self-esteem, I took it to heart instead of using it as fuel. After that happened a few too many times, I decided to stop sharing what races I had registered for. No one, including family, would know I had a race coming up until the week of the event. I refuse to be that girl anymore. I have found that their constant need to be “better” than me went deeper than my races, and they were that same way with many other friends. I sincerely hope that they have found their identity and are proud of the who they are instead of being proud of beating someone at their personal dreams. Moving on…

Originally, finishing runDisney’s Princess Half Marathon (check out my recap video from 2014) was the #1 thing on my fitness bucket list. I swore that I would stick to local, smaller races after that first half. I changed my mind as soon as I got home from that race. I knew that running was officially in my blood. I might be slow, and I may not ever place in a race, but I love the sport. I love that I am learning to be a runner, and that I wasn’t born a natural athlete. I love setting a new PR. I enjoy losing weight through running, learning what proper nutrition is, trying new running products, etc. And of course I love the feeling of crossing the finish line-especially when a race is particularly difficult for me. Lastly, the bling-I LOVE the bling! I say all of this to let you in on a well known secret:  I can’t quit running races. My list is fairly short for right now as I get back to being a runner, but I will add to it in the future. For now, take a look at what I have planned and hope to accomplish through the first quarter of 2015:

October 18th-19th, 2014 Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon Coastal 5K: Andrew is already registered and training for the half marathon that takes place on that Sunday-his 30th birthday. Connor is on Fall Break at school so we are taking a short family vacation to celebrate the addition of Dawson to our family, Andy’s birthday and his 3rd half marathon. If I am healing well after Dawson’s delivery then I will WALK the 5K, while pushing Dawson in his stroller. I have not registered yet but plan to do so the week before the race if it hasn’t sold out. It is important for me to get into a race ASAP for my mental and physical health. Also, look at that bling! I WANT it!

myrtle beach marathon

November/December 2014: A holiday 5K. I’m not sure which one I want to do yet but I want to run in a Turkey Trot or Christmas Dash of some sort. I want to dress up in a tutu and go all out with friends and family!

February, 2015 A Hero’s 5K: My sister and I run/walk this race every year, ever since the year it started. I plan to run it and hope to beat my best time from this race. Connor will do the kids race (for free)!

March, 8th 2015 Swamp Rabbit Half Marathon: This is a super flat course with a 4 hour time limit. Even if I push Dawson during the race (I don’t plan on it) I should be able to finish on time. I believe that I have time to properly train for it. I HATE the 5K that takes place that day. It is a cluttered mess, but I hope and think that the half would be less crowded. Plus, a pretty medal is given to finishers, and I would like that to add to my medal hanger!

In April, I was planning on doing the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in DC as my “big post-baby race” but I’ve been told by  Team in Training that this race is being moved to a different city, and the location hasn’t been announced. Has anyone heard of where they are moving it? I would really like to do this race but I have another Team in Training goal…

My new #1 Life List race is….runDisney’s Full Marathon! I am hoping to train for the 2016 race but it all depends on my recovery from having Dawson. If not, my goal will be for 2017.

I also have “year-long” goals that I hope to accomplish and I will update this list as I register for more races.

What are your race goals for the rest of the year? Do you have a race that is at the top of your bucket list that you want to cross off next year?


6 thoughts on “Future Race Goals

  1. Great list of goals. I’m starting trying to lay out some of mine for the coming year. Hopefully, if you do the marathon in 2016, I’ll see you there. I am thinking of trying to do it then as well. Never done a full before, but no place like Disney to try it.

    • Exactly! I’ve never done a full either and never thought I would be interested until I did the Princess Half this year. I am planning on running it with Team in Training. Thanks for reading and for your comment. Good luck with your training!

  2. I totally hear you on the running slow but loving races thing. I’m crazy slow, but running races is my favorite thing and I love getting PRs and bling! You have some awesome races picked out!

    • Thanks for reading along and for your comment! My hope is that my time keeps improving and one day I can look back on my “slow” times and be even more proud of myself. Good luck with your upcoming races!

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