Our Birth Plan-Dawson

For a while now, I have been “teasing” about sharing our birth plan for Dawson. Honestly, I meant to post it last week and thought I had. I later realized that I didn’t, and I’m going to claim pregnancy brain. LOL. Before I share our plan, I do want to say this: I know that all births, labors and pregnancies are different. My pregnancy with Dawson has been totally different than the one I experienced with Connor. I know that things may not go as we expect or plan, and that is ok. This “plan” is definitely tentative, and everything ultimately depends on Dawson. Also, just because I plan on doing things a certain way does not mean that I am dissing families that do things a different way than us. This is just the plan that we came up with, with the help of my doctors, and we hope that things go close to what we have planned.



I’m hoping that my water doesn’t break while I’m out at Target or something! When I went into labor with Connor, my doctor broke my water. I started cramping at the movie theater on a Friday night and labored at home until Sunday (Connor wasn’t born until Monday morning so yes, I was in labor for 4 days!). I hope that I am home when my labor begins. Assuming that is the case, I plan on laboring at home until my contractions get very close together or the pain is too intense. We will let our family and friends know that I am going to the hospital, but we won’t have any visitors until after Dawson’s delivery (with the exception of Connor and the person who is taking photos for us).

Epidural-Our birth plan really begins once I get to the hospital. I plan on getting an epidural, and I’d like to get it when I am around 5 or 6 cm. I waited until 8 with Connor – bad idea. I waited too late. I didn’t feel a thing from my right hip down to my right foot. However, I felt EVERYTHING on my left side and I mean EVERYTHING. I don’t want to repeat that experience again. I plan on laboring in the tub at the hospital for a little bit before I get an epidural. I didn’t do that with Connor and it looks like it would be a great way to keep the environment relaxed. I want Andy in there with me (in a swim suit) and to have photographs taken. I’ll be covered – I’m not comfortable with uncensored photos! loll

Connor-If it looks like I will labor for a while, I want Connor to be with us for a little bit. I have someone lined up to take photos for us. She will take photos of the three of us as we wait for Dawson. If I am in too much pain and don’t feel comfortable with Connor seeing me like that, then he won’t come. But I’m hopeful that he will be able to visit for a little bit until things get too intense or it is late at night. I know that I am going to want to see him and hold him. I am tearing up even now just thinking of that moment with him. Those last few hours or even minutes of him being an only child – it is a bittersweet thing, because it has only been him for almost 8 years.

My Baby

Pushing-Connor and the camera will be out of the room for the pushing. It will just be me, Andy and the medical team. We were the same way with Connor’s delivery, and I do not regret it at all. It was an intimate moment that we didn’t share with anyone. I focused on Andy and our baby. I didn’t even think about the medical staff being there. It is a moment we want to create again.

Delivery-Here comes the part that we’ve not really shared: Andy is delivering Dawson! If you have been reading my weekly pregnancy updates then you have seen me mention that we were given the ok from all of our doctors about something relating to delivery, but I never mentioned what. This is it! I came up with the idea a few months back. I wanted to do something unique and something that made ours sons’ deliveries different. Also, the hospital I am using highly encourages skin-to-skin contact, rooming in and having private family moments. What better way to begin the skin-to-skin bonding than by having his father be the first person to touch him? The doctors said that they will basically treat Andy like a medical student, and will guide his hands through the process, but he will absolutely deliver Dawson unless there are any medical reasons why he can’t.

Post-delivery-Dawson will immediately be handed over to me and I will begin to nurse. He wont be wrapped in a blanket and  neither will I. The medical team will check him as I hold him to make sure that his breathing is ok, but he wont be weighed, measured, etc for at least an hour. During that time he will have skin-to-skin time with me and will be learning to nurse. Once his cord is done pulsing, then the cord will be cut. I actually want to do it, but I’m not sure if I can. If not, then Andy will do it. The person taking photos will come in for that part then she is back out of the room for a while. During that hour he will have skin-to-skin time with Andrew as well. Once it is time for him to get checked out, we will let photos get taken again. He will “room in” with us. They do not have a nursery. He has his own bed in my room and he will get his first bath in there too. That is VERY different than it was with Connor. I plan on doing a post on Connor’s delivery soon so you can read about the differences.

con w:belly

Visitors-We have promised Connor that he will be the first person to see Dawson after he is born (besides the person taking the pictures). It is important to him and it is equally important to us. We want some photos taken of him meeting his brother for the first time but then we want just the four of us to have as much time alone as we need. Afterward, we will let our family and friends know that they can come visit.

Like I said from the beginning, all of this could go as planned or absolutely none of it will happen. It is entirely up to our little boy. However he decides to come, we will embrace it and be happy that he is finally here!



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    • We weren’t very prepared with a “plan” for a first so I was determined to have a better idea of how I wanted things to go with our future deliveries! Thank you for following along and for your sweet comment, Kathryn!

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