Traditions & Dates

Monday was my first day of maternity leave, and coincidentally, Andy had the day off. We decided to go on a lunch date to our favorite local Japanese Steakhouse, Kanpai of Tokyo. We always leave feeling incredibly full, and I never finish all of the food on my plate. I had been craving this meal for a while and figured I better get my fix in before Dawson is born. I will not be able to eat that way if I want to get back to my pre-baby body!


For a starter, I had the soup. I could make a meal out of this alone. It is so, so yummy! Andy was planning on only having sushi, but the sweet waitress threw in a salad for him at no extra charge!


Soon after, our food arrived. I’ll warn you, my plate actually looks gross in photos, but it was insanely delicious! I ordered Yakiniku (marinated sirloin strips), fried rice and instead of the vegetable mix, I only ordered onions. Andy ordered a huge plate full of sushi. They were having a sushi “Happy Hour,” and he had some rolls that were only $1.25 each! Our total bill was less than $25 and we were given so much food Andy took a box of mine home to have for dinner.

my lunch


Nemo roll, Philadelphia roll, spicy tuna roll and 2 nigiri salmon.

Guess what we did when we got home? We crashed on the bed and fell asleep immediately. We were both so full from our lunch that we could not keep our eyes open. We slept until we had to pick Connor up from school. It was not easy to get out of bed either, I’ll admit. I think we both could have kept sleeping for another couple of hours!

After we picked Connor up, we went to buy something special for Dawson. Andy posted the below photo on Facebook (he got a lot of love for it too) with a description of the significance of the gift for our children. I’ll use his words to tell you about it because I feel like he gives a perfect description of why the gift is important and why we cherish this tradition that we started with Connor over 8 years ago.


“Lesley and I have a tradition of buying our babies a port wine – one whose alcohol content means it will keep over the years – before they are born. To the right, you’ll see Connor’s Sandeman Tawny Port, which we bought nearly eight years ago. To the left is our new addition: Dawson’s Presidential Ruby Port, bought today (Monday). The kids will open these on their 21st birthdays. They are both portos, but different brands and styles… similarly, both of our boys, we believe, are both sweet and will get better with age, but will be his own person.”

This is something that we came up with when we were pregnant with Connor and I have looked so forward to sharing it with Dawson as well, along with any other children we have in the future. I also plan on doing this for my sister’s and brother’s future children.

We came back home for a little bit to get ready for Monday night’s main event. I had been planning a “date” for Connor for a few months but the dates just were not working out. That night we were finally able to go, and he was ecstatic! We took him to the Melting Pot for dessert and it was perfect. We let him pick out everything and we only ate what he didn’t want. We wanted it to be all about him.

He picked milk chocolate, and the dippers included cheesecake, marshmallows, pound cake, blondies, pineapple, bananas, fresh strawberries and brownies. The waitress was super sweet and threw in a few extra marshmallows and pound cake for him at no extra charge (our total bill was only $7.95+tax for those wondering).



Saying that Connor loved it would be a HUGE understatement. There wasn’t a drop of chocolate left in the pot by the time he was finished with it. I promised him that we would come back as a family after Dawson was born and that I would also take him just the two of us at some point.


We had a great day that included two dates and the excitement of purchasing a special gift for Dawson. It was so nice to have some time with Connor, just the three of us, in a quiet setting to be able to talk and have quality time together.

What are some special family traditions that you cherish? Have you ever taken a young child to Melting Pot? What did they think of it?


2 thoughts on “Traditions & Dates

  1. Nice! My favorite tradition is every year my ids picked out their own Christmas tree ornament- then when they get their first apartment they got their box of 18-20 ornaments for their first tree!

    • That is a very sweet tradition! My mom did that for us kids…but she kept our ornaments! lol She puts 3 trees up at Christmas and her “kitchen tree” has all of our childhood ornaments on it, along with kitchen themed ornaments. So, I don’t think I’ll be getting mine for quite a while! Thanks for reading!

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