I found this blog series from Heather yesterday and thought it would be fun to participate. I am editing some photos from yesterday and they will be up on tomorrow’s post. Speaking of tomorrow, I go to my OBGYN for my 37 week check up tomorrow morning! I’m so excited and hope that I have dilated more. I’ll have a recap on the blog on Thursday!

Currently watching: I never watch TV as shows originally air, except Clemson football games. I always forget what time my favorite shows come on. Thank goodness for DVR! I have a tiny obsession with “reality” TV. The DVR is set to record Big Brother (I wanted you to win, Donnie!), 19 Kids & Counting, and Dance Moms for me (don’t worry about Andy, he has his guy shows recorded as well). This week, Andrew and I also watch 9/11 documentaries on the History Channel when we are in bed. This is a tradition we started ever since we were dating. We think it is important to let Connor watch these as well. 

Currently listening to: If you know me well then you already know the answer to this question. I don’t listen to the radio. My car is full of Britney Spears and One Republic CDs. That is pretty much all that I (and Connor) listen to).


I’ve been to several Britney concerts. This was in Atlanta a few years back.

sis with brit

This was probably the best weekend I ever had with my sister, Katelyn. We stayed 2 nights at the Omni hotel, toured Atlanta and sang along with Britney until we lost our voices!

Currently thinking about: Finishing the last minute details of baby prepping the house, car, etc. Delivery has been on my mind lately. I never watched labor videos when I was pregnant with Connor and Andy strongly discouraged me from looking this time around too. However, I didn’t listen and I watched all sorts of youtube videos of different live births and breastfeeding tutorials. Believe it or not, watching these has helped calm my nerves a good bit. 

Currently trying to figure out: When our little boy is coming! We are waiting on you, little dude!

Gender w:drew

Right before we found out Dawson’s gender. It feels like it was so long ago!

Currently looking forward to: Being a family of 4! Enjoying my maternity leave. Getting back to the gym. Registering for races.

Currently reading: I haven’t been reading a thing! I am actually going to Barnes and Noble today to pick up a book on breastfeeding that was recommended to me.

Currently making me happy: Enjoying these last few days as a family of 3. We’ve been doing lots of fun things this week that I will recap tomorrow. I am SO, SO happy to be on maternity leave. I feel so much better and I am not even close to being as miserable as I was last week. Working with a dozen 2-year-olds while 8 months pregnant was not easy for me!

What are you currently up to? Feel free to use this post on your own blog or leave your own answers in the comments!




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