Pregnancy Update: Week 36

I’m 36 + 5 days pregnant! It has been a very long and productive week!

First off, last Thursday I was afraid that my water had broken. I called my doctor and I was sent to the hospital. Up until that day Dawson had been transverse. Apparently that day he flipped into a head down position and I leaked a little bit of fluid. The nurse told me that I was dilated to 1 cm and that his head was down but that my cervix was very high. After that scare we realized that our little man would be here quickly (and possibly before his due date) so we got busy with the details this week!

We’ve finished his nursery, I’ve made a few freezer meals (I’ll have a separate post for this later as I am making more this weekend), we registered Dawson with the pediatrician, my step-dad put together Dawson’s swing and stroller and our hospital bags are packed! 

freezer meals

In the bags: Ingredients for spaghetti, salsa chicken and chicken pie (Andrew’s grandmother’s recipe)

I have hit that miserable last month of pregnancy. I am in a moderate amount of pain and discomfort. My right hip is hurting very badly and I found out why at my appointment yesterday. I am still at 1 cm and Dawson is head down. My doctor showed me how Dawson’s back and bottom are wedged right under my ribs and beside my right hip. His legs and arms are facing my left side. The pressure from his back and bottom are causing the discomfort and pain in my lower back and hip. Though it hurts I was relieved to hear that he was still head down. I was afraid that he would go back to being transverse and we would have to have a scheduled c-section. 

Weight Gain: I’ve gained 1 pound since my appointment at 34 weeks for a total of 30 pounds so far.

Cravings: I still love Bruster’s ice cream (chocolate with rainbow sprinkles in a waffle bowl) but I have been so nauseated this past week that I’m not really craving much else.

Aversions: I am not a fan of heat. This whole pregnancy I have been overheated but recently I want the air on me constantly. Normally I am always freezing when I am not pregnant. Connor and Andy are sleeping in long sleeve shirts and pants pajamas and I’m wearing very little with the cover thrown off of me at night. ha! 

The Good: We got a lot accomplished this week which was a huge relief. Dawson is still moving a whole bunch and it is still amazing to see him being so active. We can certainly see his movements through my belly and a few family members have even been able to hear his heartbeat through my belly. Also, my belly button hasn’t popped out! I know that is weird to be happy about but it didn’t with Connor and I was hoping that it wouldn’t with this little man either. 

The Bad: I’m in pain, I’m tired and I’m sore. Also, my wedding rings officially don’t fit and I don’t like that at all!

Baby’s Size: My app says the size of a head of romaine lettuce (almost 6 pounds and more than 18 1/2 inches long (baby


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