Edisto Day 2

Hi friends! I went to the doctor this morning for my 36 week check-up on baby Dawson. Last Thursday we had a little scare and I spent a few hours in the hospital. Baby boy is head down and I was a 1 cm. I’ll have my weekly update tomorrow. I have some exciting pictures to share as well. His room is ready and we have his co-sleeper, swing and stroller all set up! Today, enjoy Day 2 from our Edisto vacation:

Read our Day 1 Recap here if you haven’t had a chance to check it out!

I woke up the next morning and helped my momma make one of our traditional breakfasts that we have at the beach-crossaints. Mine was a simple ham and cheese and it was delicious! I made a few with eggs and I think everyone enjoyed them as well.


For some reason we only eat these at the beach, never at home. I might have to change that because these babies are delish!

Andrew and Bradley were frustrated with the spotty internet connection that morning. Andy had some stuff to take care of for school so he wasn’t too happy that it was so time consuming.

morning boys

 After breakfast we changed into our bathing suits, put on our sunscreen and went out on the beach.

handsome connor

Andy, Connor, Bradley (my brother), Katelyn (my sister) and my mom.

Andy, Connor, Bradley (my brother), Katelyn (my sister) and my mom.

Soon after this picture was taken my sister came running out of the water holding her leg. My mom followed closely behind her and I could tell something happened. Katelyn was trying not to make a big fuss over it because she didn’t want Connor or Bradley to get scared of the water. She thought that she was bitten (or would it be clawed?) by a crab. Once we looked at her leg we realized that she was stung by a jellyfish. She has a very high tolerance for pain but she was in tears and it looked bad. She and her fiancé went up to the beach house to tend to it. They ended up pouring vinegar all over her leg to take the sting out. It started to look better as the week went on but if left a mark that looked similar to a burn. 

connor digging

Making castles for Momma!

dawson belly

This photo was taken when I was 33 weeks pregnant. My bathing suit is from Target and my headband is from BAMR Bands. I love both!

We stayed out for most of the day. My mom and I went for a short walk to look at the nearby turtle nests but didn’t see any signs of hatching. I collected shells and Connor. We plan on making Christmas ornaments with some pretty ones that we found. I finished a book and napped off and on while Andy played in the water with Connor for most of the afternoon.

We all cleaned up and took showers. My mom, Katelyn and I went out for ice cream (yes, before dinner!).

ice cream

Chocolate with rainbow sprinkles in a waffle cone for me and “Superman” for Connor to go!

For dinner we had yummy steak and potatoes with a side salad.

kate and harley dinner

Katelyn and my future brother-in-law (Harley) at dinner!


We all started to wind down quickly after dinner. It was a day full of sunshine and then we had such a yummy and filling dinner-we were all pooped!

getting sleepy

Aren’t cuddles on the couch the absolute best?

We quickly went from talking and watching TV to falling asleep…

connor asleep

I love this child so very much!

*Stay tuned for more updates on our days at Edisto!*



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