Pregnancy Update: Week 35

35 weeks

I am 35 weeks and 5 days pregnant! I hit the 8 month mark yesterday! Our sweet baby boy will be here in a month. I cannot wait to hold that precious child in my arms, smell his sweet scent and kiss his tiny lips!

I am not going to lie, I am very sore and tired. The back of my ribs hurt (this just started this week he likes to stick his feet under them) and I have morning sickness again. I haven’t thrown up but I sometimes wish I just would and get it over with. I am feeling a lot of pressure “down there”. I hold my stomach whenever I walk because it truly feels like Dawson could literally fall out of me. I know this isn’t going to happen but that is the sensation I am feeling.

Do you like the new dress that I am wearing in the above pic? I have a confession…it is a nightgown! I don’t think I’ve worn one since I was a little girl but for some reason I have wanted some to wear after I have Dawson. Andrew’s mother bought me a nice one that I have set aside for the hospital. But, I was at the mall last week and found this (and another one) for only $8! i change into them almost as soon as I get home from work. It is so comfortable but I still feel like I look a little nicer than I would in a t-shirt and shorts. 

Weight Gain: As of last week, 29 pounds. I go to the doctor next Wednesday and we will find out!

Cravings: It varies daily. Today I was craving homemade, slightly burned M&M cookies. I made some that were delicious. Recipe will be on here tomorrow!

Aversions: I don’t feel as stinky as I did last week! If you don’t know what I mean take a look at last week’s post. I can’t really think of any this week-thankfully!

The Good: I feel little Dawson ALL. THE. TIME. It is wonderful! I can even make out certain body parts of his. I love prepping all of our baby things too. I have semi-packed my hospital bag. My friend bought a diaper bag for us that is being monogrammed right now. I am packing that as soon as I get it back. I love that I am clearly pregnant and not just overweight (took 8 months!). 

The Bad: I’m very sore. I am also tired. I don’t sleep that well at night anymore. It is very hard to get comfortable.

Baby’s Size: My app says the size of a honeydew melon (over 18 inches long and 5 and a quarter pounds).

Be on the lookout for a post on our birth plan next week. I can finally share the details that we are hoping to experience during Dawson’s birth. Of course everything depends on Dawson but we are excited to have a tentative plan this time around because we didn’t with Connor. 


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