Weekend Recap

Weekends are just too short, aren’t they? You wait all week for the beautiful weekend to show up, and then it leaves too quickly! That is how I feel this Monday, anyway.

Friday was a nightmare at work. I don’t like to complain too much, so I wont elaborate. All I’ll say is that I was glad when I was able to clock out at 6. Andy planned a family date for us that was really sweet. He took Connor and I to The Clock for dinner, and then to our local high school’s first football game of the season. This was special to our family because Andrew and I met almost 13 years ago at that very high school’s first football game of the 2001 season. It definitely got me in the mood for Fall. The smells and sounds brought back so many good memories of high school. I thought back to performing with my dance team during half time, walking laps around the stadium with friends, and of course meeting my future husband when I was just 14. Connor’s middle name is even taken from the name of the school. It was a fun and special night.

Excuse the grainy photo. Andrew took this with the awful camera on his phone.

Excuse the grainy photo. Andrew took this with the awful camera on his phone.

I was battling a runny nose during most of the game. It was a fun night but I crashed as soon as we got home. The three of us were all asleep pretty early.

Saturday morning we did some cleaning around the house. My mother-in-law had planned something special for me around lunch time. When she came to pick me up Andy and Connor were outside. Andrew stepped off of the carport but his ankle twisted and all of his weight was supported by his ankle. I heard a loud POP, then saw Andy on the ground screaming. I ran to him and he told me that he had broken his ankle. He was in agony. I looked at his left foot and it was swollen about twice the size as his right. I told Connor to go inside because he was scared and Andy could not stop screaming from the pain.

His mother and I were able to help him scoot on his butt back up to the carport. He tried to stand on it but couldn’t bear any weight on his foot. He then swore that it wasn’t broken and he begged me to go with his mom as was originally planned. I got him comfortable on the couch, had him elevate his foot, gave him an ice pack and some of his pain pills that he occasionally takes for his wreck injuries. Then, I had a serious talk with Connor about making sure his Daddy did not get off the couch and that he was to call me if his Dad did. Connor was thrilled to be “in charge” while I was away.

Andrew’s mom planned a “Lesley Day” lunch for me that included my sister in laws, my mom and my little nieces. It was held at Brick Street Cafe, a local restaurant that is very nice and has delicious food (the desserts are out of this world). We had good conversation and my family surprised me with really sweet gifts. I was given a nursing bra, a nightgown, candles, body butter, room spray, bath salts, bubble bath, a loofa and several stress relieving facial masks. All of the ladies were so sweet to share their lunch time with me and give me gifts that I can enjoy now and after Dawson is born!

My mom, Alissa, Me, Rainbow, Isabelle (baby), Abby and Andrew's mother.

My mom, Alissa, Me, Rainbow, Isabelle (baby), Abby and Andrew’s mother.

After lunch I went home and Andy was still in pain. But, he had to go to work. We made a deal that he would go to work but that I was taking him to Urgent Care this next morning. We figured that the wait would be awful on a Saturday night, but that if he went to the doctor on Monday that he would just be sent to the hospital for X-Rays anyway. So, Saturday night he worked while Connor and I stayed in, watched a movie, and shared a bowl of popcorn.

Sunday morning we woke up and went to the hospital. Andrew’s ankle didn’t look any better:

Looks just a little painful, huh?

Looks just a little painful, huh?

The wait was very short. He had an x-ray and sure enough, he had a break. It is an Ankle Avulsion Fracture. Basically, a ligament that is attached to his ankle was torn and pulled some of the bone with it. He has to use crutches for 4 days and is in a boot for 4 weeks. With Dawson being due in 5 weeks, I am hoping he isn’t born before his due date. After 28 years of never breaking a bone, Andrew has broken 16 bones in the past 14 months. I am so thankful that his injury wasn’t terribly serious, and that he has a very high tolerance for pain.

After the hospital, we went to lunch then came home to rest for a bit. Then, we went to the mall and I picked up this awesome Under Armour jacket for Dawson for only $9 at Belk:



Then, we had our hospital tour! Connor went with us and was very nervous. We thought it was ease his nerves but he was a little uncomfortable. Andrew was very excited. While I absolutely loved the hospital, the nurses, and the way that they approach labor and delivery, I couldn’t help but become more nervous and scared about delivery. I don’t handle needles and pain well. I have tears in my eyes when I get my finger pricked. We were given the ok again about our birthing plan which made us happy. I’ll have a post about that later on this week. 

The rooms are HUGE!

The rooms are HUGE!

i’ll have more details from the tour on my pregnancy update post this week. It is getting real. My baby will be here soon! After our tour, we came home, watched Big Brother, got things ready for Connor’s school day and called it an early night. I’m already looking forward to next weekend because….COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS HERE!

How was your weekend? Was it busy or relaxing?



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