Edisto Day 1 (August 9th)

Ok friends, I can’t lie. I’m hurting pretty badly in my right hip area. I had my first physical therapy appointment yesterday and it brought me to tears. So, I have decided to postpone my weekly pregnancy update until Friday. It will include my thoughts on physical therapy too. I wanted more time to write about it because the experience was something like I’ve never experienced before. It was so embarrassing and so painful. You will not want to miss tomorrow’s post if you want a good laugh at my expense. Until then let’s get to today’s title…Edisto Day 1 (check out our video if you haven’t already)!

Saturday morning (August 9th) we woke up early and got the car packed and ready. After locking up the house we stopped by Bojangles to get some yummy breakfast, then went across town to my mom and step-dad’s house. We met them, my brother along with my sister and her fiancé. We finished putting their things in our cars and hit the round around 8:30. Connor looked like this for most of the drive:

Isn't he so handsome?

Isn’t he so handsome?

We go to Edisto every summer and it is our family tradition to have lunch at Bojangles in Walterboro. I didn’t want it because I had it for breakfast, however every other restaurant nearby was closed. My right hip pain was intense and I was experiencing major leg cramps. I was eager to get out of the car! Anyway, we had lunch then got back on the road. Another tradition we have is going to the local produce stand once we get to the island. I bought a bag of coconut macaroons and a glass bottle Coke (yet another tradition!) and then we made our way to our rental. We unloaded our cars, unpacked our bags, then we hit the beach!

Connor got a gorgeous tan while we were on vacation!

Connor got a gorgeous tan while we were on vacation!

We stayed out for a few hours and then we went inside for a yummy dinner that my mom made:

Roast beef sandwiches-so yummy!

Roast beef sandwiches-so yummy!

Waffles for Connor!

Waffles for Connor!

After dinner, the adult guys went on the porch to chat while the kids stayed inside with my mom, sister and I. Connor colored while the rest of us played Loaded Questions. It was a fun game and we all had a good time. 

Connor tried to play the game too and he loved his Angry Bird sunglasses that Gamma bout him.

Connor tried to play the game too and he loved his Angry Bird sunglasses that Gamma bought him.

We all went to bed soon after playing the game. It was a long day full of travel. Be on the lookout for my Day 2 recap and don’t forget to read tomorrow’s post. What started out as a great day ended up being humiliating and painful-you wont want to miss it!


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