My Connor is a 2nd Grader!

This is a rough week for most mommies and daddies in our area. While some are relieved, others (like us) are sad. Our school district went “back to school” yesterday (Tuesday). Connor is now in 2nd grade! He was nervous but once he met his teacher he was very excited to go back this morning.

Connor meeting his 2nd grade teacher!

Connor meeting his 2nd grade teacher!

I was able to get him ready for school yesterday but I had to be at work before Connor went to school so Andrew took him. I handled him going back to school well yesterday because I was so busy at work but it hit me hard today. I’ll get to that in a minute. His teacher left a good first impression and we are excited to see what this school year brings for our sweet boy.

I changed my lunch break around at work so that I can pick Connor up from school every day. He was full of stories during our car ride. He was excited about his homework assignment too. He was given a brown paper bag and had to put 5 things in it that he liked/best represented him. He picked his runDisney medal, a Skylander figure, a picture of the three of us, a Batman figure and a t-shirt that says “Big Brother”. 

I am off of work today so I was able to take him to school, meet his teacher and see his classroom. He introduced me to several of his friends. Connor asked Andy and I to have lunch with him today so we will get to see him again in a few hours! i took the below picture of him in the school’s parking lot. He told me that the sun was in his eyes so that’s why he has that odd look on his face:

My buddy!

My buddy!

I came home from dropping him off with tears in my eyes. I didn’t like walking into our empty house knowing that Connor wasn’t with me. Maybe it sounds silly to some of you, and that is ok. But, when I saw the evidence of our morning routine it made me miss him so much. His pajamas on his bed, his kid cologne on his dresser, crumbs from his Pop-Tart on the table, his half empty glass of milk in the sink…oh, I miss my sweet son so much!

In other news I have an appointment with my OBGYN this morning and my first physical therapy appointment this afternoon. I will have my weekly pregnancy update tomorrow. I am hoping that I can get some relief for my right hip pain. I am also hoping that my doctor will be able to put my mind at ease regarding pre-term labor. I very much feel like I will have Dawson before his due date and although I want him here soon, I know that he needs more time to grow before making his debut!

Was it easy for you when your children went back to school? What was the most difficult part?


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