Pregnancy Update: Week 32

These last few weeks in my pregnancy seem to be flying by! Mentally I am feeling the best I have felt these past 7 months. Physically, i am getting tired and slow. I have been experiencing really bad, chronic pain in my right hip. I went to my OBGYN on Wednesday and she referred me to a physical therapist. She said some hip discomfort is normal, but since mine is constant we need to try to make it feel a little better without medicine (I declined muscle relaxers, I will not take them while I’m pregnant). 

Dawson is definitely popping out now! I'm predicting that he will weigh over 8 pounds when he is born!

Dawson is definitely popping out now! I’m predicting that he will weigh over 8 pounds when he is born!

I have been experiencing some Braxton Hicks contractions. I never felt them with Connor. They don’t hurt, or feel uncomfortable even. They just feel strange. I have had a little bit of discomfort every now and then but I think it is Dawson shifting and getting ready for his debut. Speaking of debut…

32 weeks belly

I have finally decided to debut my big belly! Something (more like some things) else decided to make a debut this week…stretch marks! After 32 weeks I have stretch marks. I am surprised that it took this long really. Andy has been rubbing Tummy Butter on my hips and stomach. Hopefully this will make them less itchy.

My appointment went well. Dawson’s heartbeat was steady and strong. Connor and Andy were able to go to the appointment with me, which made it extra special. He is measuring right, so that means he is still due on September 27th. 

Weight Gain: 25 pounds. My doctor called my weight gain “great” and told me to expect a bit more. I’m hoping not too much more!

Cravings: Bruster’s Chocolate Ice Cream with Rainbow Sprinkles in a Waffle Bowl!

Aversions: Nothing really, finally!

The Good: Baby boy is moving a big whole bunch! And he is growing so quickly! I love that I am showing so much. I actually love my big belly. Instead of hating it, I am enjoying rubbing it and holding onto my sweet son until he is born. I have time to lose the weight. Right now, I am just happy to be pregnant!

The Bad: Peeing all the time. Not sleeping well. Back pain-but, that is kinda a good thing because Connor and Andrew rub and scratch my back every night before we go to sleep!

Baby’s Size: About four pounds and 19 inches long

Was it embarrassing for you to show people your belly without clothes? What did you crave during your pregnancy? How do you balance working out with being a parent?


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