Pregnancy FAQs

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This morning I have an appointment with my OBGYN so my weekly Pregnancy Update will be posted tomorrow! Today I am sharing with you some of the Frequently Asked Questions that I have been asked over the past 32 weeks of my 2nd pregnancy.

Was this pregnancy planned? Were y’all trying to get pregnant?

This pregnancy was certainly something we hoped for. However, we didn’t “plan” it. I don’t really think these can be planned. I believe that you can hope, pray and wish to become pregnant but I don’t think you can ever plan for a baby because you never know what may or may not happen. As far as trying…Andy and I think that is such a bizarre question. Again we were hoping that we would have another child this year and I was certainly surprised that we were able to conceive after Andrew’s car accident.

Did you try for or want a boy or a girl?

This is a question that has somewhat gotten under my skin to be honest. We don’t really get the whole “let’s try for this specific gender because we already have one of the opposite gender” mentality. If I am one day the mother of 5 boys I will be ecstatic and I sincerely mean that! However, if I have a couple of daughters and a couple of sons then I will be just has happy to be their mother too. We want to be parents. So, to answer the above question, the answer is a big no. We did not “try” for a specific gender with either of my pregnancies nor did we want a specific gender either.


Connor guessed that our second child was a boy from the very beginning. Andrew guessed girl. I thought girl until week 12 and immediately “knew” I was having another son!

Are you really pregnant?

I’m serious. I have been asked this countless times. At first I didn’t gain weight so I guess I didn’t look pregnant. Then when I gained weight I gained it across my belly instead of vertically. From my belly button to chest I am hard as a rock. But, from my belly button down to my pelvis my skin is still soft. Now I guess people just think I am overweight?

How did you pick out a name?

I wanted to have a boy and girl name picked before we found out the gender. I didn’t want to refer to him as “it” or even “the baby”. Until we picked out potential names we came up with the nickname “Bean” (Connor’s was “Peanut” but it didn’t stick. I usually call him “Goose” or “Hampster”-a whole different story). We have known for several years that if we ever had a daughter she would be named Ella after my Grandma, the middle name is still a debate. I became stressed out because we didn’t have a boy name and we were getting close to finding out the gender. I prayed several times that we would pick out the perfect boy name before we knew the baby’s sex. One day Andy, Connor and I were napping and I woke up with the name “Dawson” stuck in my head. I woke Andy up and asked him if he liked it, which he did, and it was decided. His middle name “Gentry” was picked out by Andy. He wanted something southern and rugged and I liked it as well.

Do you have a “birth plan”?

This is another thing that I’m not sure you can “plan”. We have an idea of what we would like to happen (and I will share more details in another post) but you never know when the baby will come and what the circumstances will be. We have planned a hospital birth, I will get an epidural, and only Andy (and the medical team) will be in the room when I am in labor and during delivery. The only exception that we are wanting to make is having “labor photos” taken before and after delivery so a photographer will be there before and after pushing. There is one more thing that is important to us. One doctor has given us the ok but I want to ask the other one at my appointment today before I share it.

What do you weigh?

I plan to do a post several months after having Dawson with a before and after title. I want to include pictures and I’ll even post my weight. However, I will not do that while I am pregnant. If you are curious about my weight gain I have put it on each weekly update. I have no problem sharing that but I’m not ready to share my weight yet. Why would I share it anyway when it is no one’s business? Because when I started to take control of my health and fitness, putting my weight out there served as a way to be held accountable and as a way to track my progress. It truly sucks to be that honest when you are overweight, but being that honest with myself worked before and I think it will work again.

This pic was used as a before and after last year. It served as a great motivator to keep running and working out when it became difficult!

This pic was used as a before and after last year. It served as a great motivator to keep running and working out when it became difficult!

What do you miss about not being pregnant?

I love being pregnant! I loved being pregnant with Connor too! But, there are a few things that I miss. I did not think that I would miss running as much as I do. It is so hard to see all of these races that are coming up and knowing that I can’t sign up to participate. It is like a punch in the gut knowing that my running shoes no longer fit my swollen feet. I miss intense workouts at the gym followed by a relaxing dip in the hot tub. I miss the body that I worked so hard to get. 

What are your post delivery fitness goals?

Y’all know that I am a huge fan of making lists. I have a list of fitness goals that I hope to work on and achieve after Dawson’s birth. I plan to post it soon so that I can look back on it as a way to stay motivated. I plan to run a Half Marathon in April that I would love to PR in but will be happy to just finish. I will say that number one is to feel and look like I did in the picture below:

I absolutely felt like an athlete in this picture. I set my 5K PR, loved the shape that I was in and had high self-esteem. I want to look and feel like I did the day this photo was taken.

I absolutely felt like an athlete in this picture. I set my 5K PR, loved the shape that I was in and had high self-esteem. I want to look and feel like I did the day this photo was taken.

What are some questions that you have for me, regarding my pregnancy? What questions were you often asked when you were pregnant/became a parent?


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