LegoLand Discovery Center Review

Last Wednesday (July 30th) we had “Connor Day“-a day all about him before his baby brother arrives. He asked to go to Legoland in Atlanta, which is only about 2 hours away from us. We both took the day off from work and were excited for a road trip with our sweet son.

Connor looked like this during most of the car ride:

Connor looked out the window or slept most of the way there.

Connor looked out the window or slept most of the way there.

I drove so that Andy could study. As some of you know I absolutely hate to drive. I’ve never been a huge fan of it and then after my wreck several years ago and then Andy having his wreck a year ago I much prefer to be a passenger. We hadn’t crossed over the state line from SC to GA when I saw blue lights flashing behind me. I didn’t think I was speeding but my car has a sneaky engine that speeds up quickly so I wasn’t exactly sure.

Turns out I was following too close to an 18 wheeler. I didn’t know you could get pulled over for that! The officer was super nice and told me he just wanted me to be careful because if the truck blew a tire I was going to get hurt. We chatted about LegoLand for a moment, he gave me a warning and then we were back on the road. Soon after I pulled up to a gas station and Andy switched seats with me so he could drive the rest of the day!

When we made it there we realized that LegoLand was located in a mall. We didn’t shop but it looked really nice. We got our tickets and were taken into a room to begin our tour. The tour consisted of several rooms that showed how legos are made, a ride where visitors “shoot” at targets to save the Lego Princess (the ride is very tame & didn’t have a warning about riding while pregnant), a mini figure world, a cafe, theater and a huge room with various rides and activities. Of course to exit LegoLand you had to go through a gift shop (wonder if they took that idea from Disney rides?).

Connor thought the mini figure room was awesome! I loved it because it was so quiet!

Connor thought the mini figure room was awesome! I loved it because it was so quiet!

Lego Movie characters

Lego Movie characters

Connor spent time doing an obstacle course and he really enjoyed creating a laser maze with his dad. They had to successfully go through the maze that they made which Connor that was really cool. When we got ready to leave we let Connor take his time looking around the gift shop. We had money set aside for him to buy something and his Gramma and Poppy gave him some as well. He was able to buy a set that he has wanted for a while. He said that was his favorite part!

Connor's favorite part-buying a new Lego!

Connor’s favorite part-buying a new Lego!

Final Thoughts: The price of admission was very good ($13 if you purchase online) for what you experience. The prices in the gift shop were what we typically see at Wal-Mart or Target. They weren’t inflated so that was nice. Connor loved everything about it. He laughed a lot and did not stop talking, explaining what different things were to us. The place was terribly crowded. The employees were clueless. If we asked where something was or how much an item was they truly had no idea. They weren’t necessarily rude. They just didn’t seem knowledgeable about the company. The place is an absolute nightmare for adults. However, children love it. Was it worth going to? Yep. If you have a child that loves Legos and you don’t live too far away then we recommend taking them. The admission is relatively cheap, the children are entertained and the souvenirs aren’t badly priced. Just remember to bring your patience and Tylenol because it is loud and the employees are disengaged and aloof.

Our growing family! I was 31 weeks and 4 days!

Our growing family! I was 31 weeks and 4 days!

After LegoLand we were hungry and didn’t want to eat at the cafe in LegoLand. The food looked gross. So, we drove around ATL and found a little bakery called Sugar Shack that I wanted to try. They had sandwiches but I couldn’t get them because the doctor doesn’t want me to have cold deli meat until after Dawson’s delivery. But the dessert, oh my! Connor and I ordered a few sweet treats to go and Andy got a coffee. The man who worked there asked us where we were from and told us he could tell by our accents. I didn’t realize that our accents were so different to only be 2 hours apart but he noticed it. It made sense to me later because my I moved from NC to SC when I was 14 it the drive is only 3 hours away but my accent is noticeable. (I often leave out the letter “I” when I speak. Example: I pronounce oil like ol or boil like bowl.) It was a funny conversation and he was super friendly. I highly recommend visiting Sugar Shack if you are in the area. Pics are below.

On the way back to our car Connor and I split a Red Velvet Whoopie pie with a cream cheese center. We had never had one before and it was delicious. Not too sweet and the perfect size to share. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture! We still could not figure out where to eat. We parked our car downtown and decided to go to the first restaurant we saw. Unfortunately it was this place:

Blah food and blah atmosphere!

Blah food and blah atmosphere!

Hard Rock Cafe is touristy and hokey. We’ve been to several in various cities and we’ve always been underwhelmed and the food is overpriced. But, I could not walk anymore and we were ready to eat and get back home. This one in particular was outdated. My mom would have loved the decor (no offense, Momma) but there was no memorabilia for my generation. Andy and i split the appetizer sampler. It was actually pretty good but I was more tired than hungry at this point and didn’t eat too much. 

Spinach & artichoke dip with flat bread, chicken strips, hot wings, bruschetta and onion rings.

Spinach & artichoke dip with flat bread, chicken strips, hot wings, bruschetta and onion rings.

The spinach dip with flatbread was actually great and I didn’t leave much for Andy! Connor and I then took out our desserts from Sugar Shack and enjoyed them. Connor had a tie dye cupcake and I had the chocolate mousse pie. It tasted just like the chocolate mousse from the French Pavilion at Disney World. It was delicious! I shared with Connor and Andy though because I quickly became full.



After eating we made our way back to our car and made the drive back home. Connor slept the whole way home holding onto his new Lego box. Andy and I had good conversation and enjoyed the drive back. We had a great day with our first son. He has asked that we have another Connor Day soon and we’ve decided that this is a tradition that we want to continue with both of our sons. It is important to use that they know that we love them individually and that neither one is favored over the other. Our little family had a great day and I suspect that we will make this trip again with little Dawson once he loves Legos like his brother!

Have you ever been to LegoLand? What do you like to do in Atlanta?



2 thoughts on “LegoLand Discovery Center Review

  1. Sounded like a great day spent with your family! Your son is adorable and LegoLand sounded like the perfect place to take my cousin ( who loves in NC). It must have been cool to see how they are made. Thanks for sharing!

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