August Goals

Tomorrow I’ll have a review up on Legoland in Atlanta, Georgia. I had planned on posting it today but I wanted to take the time to make sure I didn’t leave out details. Having an ear infection meant that I wasn’t up for writing as much. Check it out tomorrow!

I’m due with baby Dawson in September so with August being the last “free” month that I have before delivery let’s take a look at what I would like to accomplish in the next 31 days:

*Preparing for Baby*

Several mini goals fall into this big goal. I want to have his car seat installed and a small bag packed before we go to the beach for vacation. I have had major anxiety thinking I’ll go into early labor while we are out of town for a week so I want to be prepared. 

I also want to have all of his things “built”. That means that my step-dad will be over a lot this month! He puts everything together for me! Dawson has a stroller, co-sleeper and swing (to be purchased in August-another goal) that need to be put together. If I want it to be put together right then he is the guy to do it!

His stroller and car seat are still in the packaging.

His stroller and car seat are still in the packaging.

*Eat Well*

I will go ahead and make an exception to this goal. I already know that I wont eat well while on vacation this month, but the other weeks when we are back home, I want to eat right. It just makes me feel better and I don’t want to gain too much more weight.

*Read a book*

Might not sound like much but I haven’t read in what feels like ages and I love to read. I want to take time to get lost in a good book before September. I know I wont have much time to read when I have two sons to take care of!

*Swim once a week*

I’d like to swim more but I’m being realistic.

I don’t have too many goals for this month and really they shouldn’t be that hard to achieve. But, right now, it’s the little things that make me happy and I’ll be happy if I can accomplish all of these!

What are your goals for August? Don’t forget about the custom tutu giveaway that Heather is having on her blog! The winner will work with me to create a tutu for their next running event!


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