Under and Over the Weather

Today’s weather is so depressing! We have had flash flood warnings blowing up our phones all morning. I have terrible anxiety when I am driving in the rain stemming from my husband’s car wreck last year. Unfortunately I had no choice but to get in it this morning and it was a nasty mess. How is the weather where you live?

So, why did I have to get out in the rain? Connor and I both have ear infections. Boo! Thankfully, we caught Connor’s early and he is acting fine, just scratching his ear every now and then. I’m a different story. Both of my ears were itching on Monday but they were both hurting pretty badly by yesterday morning. So, off to the doctor we went this morning (I’m so thankful that Connor is old enough to go to the same doctor as us. Such a time saver.) 

Connor has an infection in his right ear and I have an ear infection in both of my ears. I’ve been in close contact with a little girl who had a pretty bad ear infection last week so I’m assuming I picked up the germ from her. I look forward to having my good immune system back after this pregnancy. I have the rest of the day off of work so I am spending the day cuddling with Connor on the couch and putting the final touches on a few tutus I am shipping this Saturday.

Speaking of tutus…have you entered the awesome giveaway going on at Through Heather’s Looking Glass? I am so excited to be making a custom tutu for a winner. It is always fun to get new orders and try out new designs. The ideas that her readers have shared in her comments are great and have inspired me to try some new themes soon. 

Tomorrow I will have a post up reviewing Legoland Discovery Center in Atlanta, Georgia. We took Connor there yesterday for the first time and while he loved it, the same can’t be said by his parents. Until then I’ll leave you with this picture as a teaser:

Connor with Lego Batman!

Connor with Lego Batman!


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