Weekend Recap

Another week is upon us, folks! Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Did you stay busy or was it a lazy weekend? Ours was a little mix of both.

We had family in town this weekend. On Friday, Connor stayed the day and night with my mom so he could have some extra time with his cousin. I worked during the day and Andy worked until the night. I went to sleep soon after work but I did have an itch to bake and tried a yummy recipe that I will share tomorrow.

Saturday morning my little sister graduated from Converse College with her Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. I am so proud of her and all of the hard work she put into reaching her dream! She put a lot of time into earning her degree and I was thrilled to be able to celebrate with her this whole weekend.

So proud of her!!!!

So proud of her!!!!

Following the ceremony, our family went to her house for a celebratory lunch that she and her fiancé prepared for all of us.

Excuse the grainy photo. It is all I had and I just had to share a pic of the lovely spread!

Excuse the grainy photo. It is all I had and I just had to share a pic of the lovely spread!

She made my favorite punch that I mentioned in yesterday’s post, crock pot mac & cheese, lemon bars, cocktail smokies, fresh fruit, fresh veggies and adorable graduation cupcakes that she found on Pinterest

I’ve hit the stage in my pregnancy where I become exhausted pretty quickly after I eat a heavy meal. I was pretty much sleeping with my eyes open after we all finished our meal. I came back home and watched Connor play a video game for a little while and then we napped until Andrew got off of work. Once Andy got home we went over to my mom’s for a hot dog cook out with a bunch of family.

I had pictures from our cook out but somehow deleted them off of my phone. Bummer. We ended the night by roasting marshmallows and building a small bonfire in the backyard. Our outside fun was short lived though because Andy spotted a snake and I was out of there. I don’t do snakes. Give me spiders, bats or any other crawly thing any day but do not show me a snake! Ew!

On our way back home we decided that we were going to sleep in on Sunday morning. It would be Andy’s only day off after working about 12 straight days and we couldn’t remember the last time that we didn’t have to set an alarm. The three of us got into our bed and watched a little TV, put Connor in his bed once he fell asleep and quickly fell asleep. 

Sunday morning was awesome! I’m always the first one to wake up at our house. A-I have to be at work hours before Andrew and B-I have to pee all the time now. When I looked at my phone to check the time and saw that it was 8:30 I was shocked. It felt so good to sleep in when I am used to waking up at 6. Those 2.5 hours made a huge difference and were just what I needed. I checked on Connor who was still asleep, went to the restroom and watched a little TV on the couch. 

Andy and Connor didn’t wake up until 9:30! That is so unlike Connor. I checked on him several times before he woke up. He is an early riser. I guess he was worn out playing with his cousins all weekend! Anyway, we straightened the house up a little and my Aunt and Uncle stopped by to see baby Dawson’s nursery now that it is finished. Connor and I were craving baked potatoes for lunch so the three of us went to McAlister’s Deli for lunch then visited Andy’s papa.

Lunch date with my favorite boys!

Lunch date with my favorite boys!

After our visit with Papa we went by CVS so I could get 2 newspapers (I’m a coupon clipper!) and so we could search Redbox for movies. Connor picked out Planes and as usual Andy and I couldn’t find anything we both equally wanted to watch. So while Andy watched Dallas Buyers Club I kinda watched it and worked on the blog and cut coupons. Connor watched his movie too and loved it.

For dinner, Andy made amazing steaks. My sweetheart can grill! I finished off my meal with an Italian ice!

We spent the rest of our night cutting coupons, making our weekly menu, researching half marathon training plans (Andy and I both have a race each coming up) watching TV and cuddling on the couch. Overall, it was a busy weekend but we also had some time craved in to relax. It was full of celebration and time spent with family. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!


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