Beautiful Breakfast

I will admit that I am not a big breakfast eater. It is such an important meal but I just cannot stomach a lot of food as soon as I wake up. Once I am hungry, I tend to eat food that is terrible for me. It is too convenient to hit the drive through at Bojangle’s or eat a bowl of sugary Fruit Loops. But, with 10 weeks left in my pregnancy and a big race on the horizon I have got to get back in the routine that I had for myself last year when I lost so much weight. It’s not about the scale right now for me as I’ve mentioned before. It is about being healthy, feeling good mentally and physically and getting back into a good groove.

So, to get back into my old groove I decided to tackle breakfast first. I looked to other blogs for inspiration and healthy breakfast recipes. I had to run into Wal-Mart Tuesday (my least favorite store on the planet) for some tutu supplies. I also grabbed a gallon of milk, which caused me to see the yogurt. I hated yogurt up until last year and I still am getting used to eating it. There are very few flavors that I actually like and I only like Chobani brand. I grabbed a couple packs of my favorite Chobani coconut yogurt

I had an idea for breakfast after picking out the yogurt. I stocked up on our favorite fruits then went to the granola aisle. I was surprised that Wal-Mart actually had a decent selection of loose granola options. Again, another thing that I don’t really eat. I spent way too much time finding something that I would try. I ended up picking up a bag of Bear Naked Honey Almond.

This bag was less than $4! It smells amazing when you open the bag and the taste is fabulous!

This bag was less than $4! It smells amazing when you open the bag and the taste is fabulous!

I prepared everything in little containers so that I could easily carry my breakfast to work the next morning. I had about half a cup of yogurt, a sprinkle of granola, a few chocolate chips for my chocolate fix and apple slices.

Such yummy goodness!

Such yummy goodness!

Wasn’t my breakfast pretty? It was so easy to take to work and mix all together. It was satisfying and kept me full for a long time. It also made my physically feel better to eat a meal that simply looked healthier than what my breakfasts usually look like. It was delicious too. For someone who isn’t usually a fan of either yogurt or granola, this was a major hit. The granola was full of flavor and added a nice crunch. The yogurt is sweetened enough that it isn’t too tart but it isn’t too sweet either. I plan on using the yogurt and granola as a “base” most mornings and incorporate different toppings every so often. This will certainly be my go-to breakfast meal during the work week.

*I was not in any way compensated by either Chobani or Bear Naked. I have not been contacted by either company. All opinions are 100% my own.*


What do you typically eat for breakfast? Do you usually eat well or do you give in to fast food too?


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