Scary Start to Saturday!

So much for sleeping in this Saturday!

I woke up early this morning to very intense pain. I actually woke up hearing myself moan. At first I wasn’t sure where the pain was coming from and immediately assumed it was from my abdomen. Of course I panicked and thought I was going into early labor. I stood up and my legs gave out from under me. Luckily I was able to catch myself and didn’t fall on the floor. 

I quickly realized that the pain was coming from my legs, specifically my calves. Thankfully, the pain wasn’t coming from my stomach and I knew that I actually wasn’t laboring. However, the pain was like nothing I have ever felt before. No shin splints, “runner’s knee”, cramps or spasms of the past had prepared me for this feeling. 

The backs of my calves felt like they had been locked up and would not budge. I’ve read about this sometimes happening in pregnancy but I’ve never experienced it before. I have had some numbness and tingling in my legs off and on during my second trimester. This is much different. The pain subsided after about an hour. However, the backs of my legs (from my knees to my ankles) are still recovering. They are so stiff and sore. 

Needless to say, I can’t get back to sleep!

The last week in my 20's wasn't too bad! Looking forward to hitting the 30 week mark today!

The last week in my 20’s wasn’t too bad! Looking forward to hitting the 30 week mark today!

In happier news, the countdown to Dawson’s arrival is truly on! I am exactly 30 weeks today! Tomorrow I have a baby shower that my friend is throwing for me. We will be celebrating Dawson’s upcoming arrival with friends and family. I’ve known I was pregnant since I was literally 3 weeks along and now I only have 10 weeks to go! It truly has flown by! I have a doctor’s appointment on Monday, look for an update to follow!

Did you ever have leg cramping during your pregnancy? Tips? Advice? Suggestions?


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