Pregnancy Update: Week 27

I was 27 weeks last Saturday! According to my app I only have 85 days until delivery. I feel myself really slowing down and I DO NOT LIKE IT! I became so active last year and the thought of slowing down is driving me nuts. I miss running so much. Going on a walk is not the same as going on a run. Hopefully, I’ll make a quick recovery after delivery and I can get back to my races!

We went blueberry and blackberry picking last Saturday. I made Andy his favorite blueberry pie. We also froze a good amount of berries that we plan to keep for Dawson. It is very important to us that we make most of his first foods. I am planning on using a Baby Bullet for his baby food-no Gerber for us! 


We also adopted a puppy this week! We originally named her Alyse but Connor struggled remembering her name. We slightly changed it to Allie after Allie Hamilton in The Notebook. She is an American Blue Heeler/Bulldog mix. Allie has been a wonderful addition to our family. We are crate training her and that is working out well. I wanted our sons to have a dog to grow up with. After Bruce’s death we didn’t think we would want another pet but we all know what happens when you go to the Humane Society “just to look”. Allie is very gentle with Connor, likes to cuddle, eats like a horse and is excellent on her leash. 

Back to Dawson:

Weight Gain: 13 pounds total. 

Cravings: Ice cold water!

Aversions: Nothing lately.

The Good: Dawson’s ultrasound photos were beautiful! He loves to suck his thumb. I am still in shock every time I see him kick or move. A wonderful coworker of mine gave me at least a dozen boxes of baby items that her young son has outgrown. Some things still had tags on them! 

The Bad: I wake up every morning incredibly sore. I’m slowing down and I’m not a fan of that part of pregnancy!

Baby’s Size: At the ultrasound we were told that he weighed 2 pounds! 


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