Pregnancy Update-Week 26!

I meant to post this yesterday, my apologies!

I hit the 26 week mark on Saturday! We have been so busy getting things ready for our little man. I’m very eager to have everything in place so that I can somewhat relax before he is here. I do not like to be last minute. I would love to have everything most done by the end of July.

Andy’s mom started painting Dawson’s room. I have been taking before and after pictures that I’ll post once it is completely painted. My sister-in-law and a co-worker have given us some really precious items for Dawson to either wear or use. My mom is converting a dresser that belonged to Andrew’s Papa into a changing table. She spent almost all day Saturday stripping the old stain and sanding. She plans to re-stain it later this week and it will be finished!


Working hard! I hate how grainy this shot came out!

Dawson has been super active this past week. His kicks are clearly visible. Andy has been able to watch him hit, kick and twist. He is most active at night before bed when we all pile up on the couch to watch a movie or television. Connor felt Dawson for the first time yesterday! He was laying his head on my belly and Dawson kicked him right in the ear! He loved it and was so excited to tell his Daddy.



Weight Gain: 13 pounds total. My doctor is still incredibly pleased with my weight gain. Although she suggested 15 pounds total, she said that I am still very much on track for where they want me to be. She also thinks that some of my weight is from water retention. My legs and feet have been pretty swollen. She suggested I watch my sugar and salt intake. But, that I don’t have anything to worry about. I am positive that I’ll gain over 15 pounds, I have thought that is unrealistic ever since she said it. However, I want to try to eat better over the next 3 months.

Cravings: It really varies. Just depends on the day.

Aversions: Nothing lately.

The Good: Seeing my baby move. Seeing Connor become more and more excited about being a brother. We have an ultrasound on Thursday!

The Bad: Waking up in the middle of the night to pee. Anxiety hit me pretty bad this past week. I have been terrified of labor this time around. I’m afraid that I wont get my body back quickly because I didn’t with Connor. I am afraid I will have post postpartum depression like I did with Connor. I am afraid that I wont be a runner again. Lots of fears going through my head. I’m thankful that my husband didn’t mind holding me at about 2 in the morning a few days ago when I was crying because I was so overwhelmed by my fears. They have subsided but it was a pretty bad night. 

Baby’s Size: I’ve read that he is about the size of a scallion. We will find out Thursday at my next ultrasound!


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