Pregnancy Update: Week 22

This past week has been incredibly busy for our little family! I’m sorry for the lack of posts. We had to reestablish our routine and find our new family groove. Last week I bought Dawson’s mattress. Andy and I finally found the bedding that we wanted online and Dawson’s Gamma (my mom) and Poppy (my step dad) ordered it for him. I am a little over the chevron craze but I just love that aqua blue color and HAD to order it. Andy’s mom is going to help me sew curtains to match the aqua color.


On Friday, I went to a free breastfeeding class that my OBGYN’s office offered. It was incredibly informative. I’ve mentioned before that I am blessed to have such wonderful friends but it bears mentioning again. I posted a picture on Instagram and Facebook of the booklet that we were given at the class and mentioned that I really enjoyed it. Several of my friends immediately sent me text messages, comments or private messages with their encouragement and offered to answer any questions that I have now or will in the future. Connor had to have soy formula and couldn’t breastfeed. I very much hope that will not be the case with Dawson. I hope that I’ll be able to nurse him and that he doesn’t have the stomach issues that his big brother had.


Yesterday I hit the 22 week mark. Only 18 more to go!


Weight Gain: At 18 weeks I was up 3 pounds total. I have no idea if I have gained anymore (I’m sure I have).

Cravings: ICE COLD Coca-Cola. So not good for me, but it tastes amazing!

Aversions: Nothing that I can think of.

The Good: I feel Dawson move a little bit during the day. I feel him move and kick BIG TIME when I lay in the bed or on the couch at night. I really enjoyed the breast feeding class that I went to. I am looking forward to my elective ultrasound that I have on Thursday. That is being done at our local community college by students. It’s a great way for them to learn and I get over 70 FREE ultrasounds of my little bean. Win-Win!

The Bad: Acne. I’m so sick of it. 

Baby’s Size: According to my pregnancy app, Dawson is roughly the size of a spaghetti squash. Approximately 11 inches long and weighs about a pound.



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