New Job

*This should have posted yesterday afternoon. Sorry for the technical difficulties!*

As some of you saw on my Facebook page, I have taken a new job! I am going to be a full time preschool teacher for 2 year-olds. The preschool that I will be teaching for has a solid reputation around town. The children learn spanish, sign language and use a homeschool Christian based curriculum. I have to write lesson plans and I get to incorporate my own projects into the lessons. Best of all, one of my nephews will be in my class! I cannot imagine loving that sweet boy anymore than I already do. But, I have a feeling he and I will have an even stronger bond than we currently do!

So, what made me decide to take on a new job? Several factors played into this big decision. Some I will not discuss but I’ll give you the general idea. My background is in childcare and education. That is what my degree is in, the field I have worked in since I was 16, and I’m furthering my education in that area by going back to school for my Social Work degree. I want to eventually have a career working with DSS or CPS.

Before my half marathon in February, Andrew and I started discussing the possibility of me trying to find full-time work in preschool. We wanted a little extra cushion financially and I was only working part-time, among other things. I also missed teaching. We also really missed being able to go to church together on Sundays. It had been months since I was able to sit in a service. I talked to my sister about it and one of my closest friends (who is the best hair stylist ever!) to get their opinions and advice. Andy and I decided to pray about it and play the “wait-and-see” game.

When we went on our “Babymoon” to Tennessee in March we brought the topic up again. Some changes had taken place since February and we had given ourselves enough time to really think and pray. We discussed so much regarding my job situation that weekend. We left Tennessee knowing the direction that God was pointing us toward. Even after that I was slow to look for another job. I didn’t want to rush into just anything. I wanted to know that I was picking the right place of employment. For the past two weekends, God showed us clear signs that the time to find something new was now.

We were given a definite push from God on Tuesday. I listened to him and I was offered the teaching position at the preschool. We are thrilled to be able to worship our Great God together like we used to. We are so thankful that I will be able to take Dawson to work with me. I’ll be able to monitor his care and truly know the people who will provide for him while I work. Connor will be able to have extra alone time with his Dad after school. We will have extra money in our bank account. I will get to care for my nephew every week day.

My employer showed an immediate interest in me going back to school. That gave me a good feeling about accepting the job right away. She was also super supportive of me being pregnant and it was not an issue during the hiring process. I’ll have maternity leave, a hefty discount for Dawson’s tuition (major answer to prayer) and paid holidays and vacation time. I’m so happy that I will still be working in a Christian environment with children. I love little kids so, so much! It is so exciting to be able to share the love of the Lord with them!

I ask my awesome readers to keep my family in your prayers. Change (even for the better) is not always easy. We know that we are making the right move. We have an exciting and busy period of life coming up. Connor is days away from finishing first grade, Andy and I work full-time, we are both students, Dawson will be here in 4 months…lots of fun things to keep us busy for awhile!


Was it ever easy or difficult for you to switch jobs? How has God shown you which direction to go in?



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