Pregnancy Update: Week 20

I usually like to publish my posts in the morning so I apologize that this one is later than normal. I wanted to go to my OBGYN appointment before giving my update on baby Dawson.

After 20 weeks + 4 days of being pregnant I have finally gained weight. I knew this day was coming. I was very surprised that it took this long, because I have been showing for several weeks. My family suspected this was the appointment that I would finally see the numbers go up on the scale (they’ve said that the last 3 appointments too). My mom, sister, Andrew and I had placed bets on how much I had gained. I said 7, Andrew said 3, mom said 4 and my sister said 6.  So, who won? Andrew!  I’ve gained 3 pounds since the day that I found out that I was pregnant (4 if you can’t the one pound that I actually lost)!

I certainly am not focusing on my weight too much with my pregnancy. I am focusing on my baby’s health. But, I want to stay active for as long as I can. I also want to eat healthy meals and snacks to prevent excessive weight gain. My weight gain played a huge role in my postpartum depression with Connor. I refuse to let that be a factor this time around. After Dawson’s birth I do not want to see a scale again for at least 3 months. I will not obsess about my weight but I also will not let myself go either.


My doctor was very pleased about the small amount of weight I’ve gained so far. She said that I need to gain around 15 pounds. Does this seem low to y’all? I was expecting her to say 25-30. When she said 15 my jaw about hit the floor. I gained over 40 with Connor. I know it was a bit much with him, but holy cow only 15?

She took measurements of my belly and my blood pressure. She told me that everything looked great. We then got to hear Dawson’s little heartbeat. It isn’t so little anymore. I thought for sure that it was my heartbeat because it was so steady, loud and strong. Nope, it was his. It isn’t as faint or deep anymore. It is so obvious. It took my breath away. We were also given the option to have genetic testing done. We declined. We know several people who have had these tests done. They were told their child/children would be born with various defects, but instead were born perfectly healthy. Dawson is loved now and will continue to be loved when he is born, so we didn’t see the need.

We also discussed exercise. She told me to listen to my body, that I would know when something became too much. She seemed pleased that I was still doing yoga, walking, swimming, etc. She reassured me that Dawson was very protected and cushioned. That the exercise was good for him, but GREAT for me. Any soreness that I might have from exercise would not cause him harm at all. I am only lifting 25 pounds max. though. I’ll leave the weight lifting to my muscle man husband! *Scroll to the bottom for exciting news!*

Weight Gain: 3 pounds

Cravings: None

Aversions: Food. I still don’t really like food. It is ok. Nothing special though.

The Good: I feel him move BIG TIME now! Registering last week at Target. 

The Bad: Slightly sore the morning after my yoga class. Having to pee ALL. THE. TIME.

Baby’s Size: Banana 

*Exciting News: I have a new job! I will have a post with all of the details tomorrow! Stay tuned!


Do you think that 15 pounds is too little to gain during pregnancy? 



2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: Week 20

  1. Sounds like a great appointment! I only gained 20 pounds with my first pregnancy. I think as long as you and baby are healthy and your doctors are happy that I wouldn’t worry about weight gain! Of course, this time around in only 13 weeks and have gained 5 pounds already…

    • I think each woman and baby is different so you can’t put a general “only gain this much” goal out there for all pregnancies. Congrats on your second pregnancy! Sending well wishes and happy thoughts to you and your growing family!

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