Pregnancy Update: Week 19

Good Morning! It is so hard to believe that on Saturday I will have reached the halfway point in my pregnancy! Dawson has been so active this week, mostly at night. Andrew put his head on my belly and was able to hear and feel the baby moving around. I’m feeling his little kicks several times a day now-how exciting!

I told Andy and Connor that I would like to have Dawson’s crib bought and assembled by Mother’s Day as a “gift”. We bought it Tuesday and we will be putting it together tomorrow night. We have a “theme” picked out for his bedding but I want to save those details for another post.


This was the display at Target, please ignore the bedding. The crib converts into a toddler bed, daybed and a full size headboard. 

Yesterday morning we switched cell phone companies. We have new phone numbers, along with new smartphones. We are getting used to the apps and such, so forgive us if we are a little slow on social media this week! Side Story: We believe (for our family) in paying cash for everything. The only exception that we make is having small student loans. Otherwise, we don’t take out any lines of credit for anything. We cut up our credit card years ago. We’ve been using Dave Ramsey’s cash plan. We HIGHLY suggest checking it out if you want to clean up your credit and debt. I say all of this because the phone company had to check my credit score to see if we would have to put down a deposit. It has been awhile since we’ve checked our credit report. Until yesterday, I wasn’t sure how much our “cash plan” had helped us. However, I was relieved (and slightly thrilled) when I was told my credit was not an issue and I didn’t have a deposit. This may not be a big deal to some, but for us it was a sign that we have been doing things right. I’ll share more details of the “cash plan” in another post.

Moving on to Dawson:


Weight Gain: When I went to the doctor last Thursday I was still one pound less than what I weighed when I found out when I was pregnant. She isn’t concerned though. Look at my stomach! It’s hard to believe I’ve not gained any weight. 

Cravings: Ice cold Coca-Cola. I’m trying my best to limit how many of these I drink a week. I still love steak fries. I’m over Bruster’s Ice Cream.

Aversions: Food. I don’t really like any food at all right now, with the exception of steak fries.

The Good: Feeling my baby kick and stretch! Buying his crib, picking out our nursery theme, sleeping all night, washing his baby clothes, still being able to exercise. Having my energy back!

The Bad: This has been an excellent week with my pregnancy. Food doesn’t taste that great, but it doesn’t make me sick anymore. 

Baby’s Size: Last Thursday, he weighed 8 oz. It was so neat to know his actual weight instead of relying on my baby app on the phone.


Do you use a “cash-only plan”? When did you get over morning sickness?


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