Weekend Recap

This weekend was exhausting. We were super busy and spent some time out of town. We are glad to be back, in our cozy home, just the three (really, four!) of us.

On Friday night, I walked the Swamp Rabbit 5K. I pushed my nephew, Sullivan, in his stroller. I’ll have a full recap on here tomorrow. Until then, here is a super sweet photo of him!


On Saturday, Connor and Andy were out of town. I went to a few yard sales. I was able to find several brand new Carter’s outfits with tags still attached for only $1! I came home with an entire laundry bag full of clothes for Dawson for less than $20. After the yard sales I met my mom for lunch and a little shopping. I normally HATE maternity clothes but we were able to find two dresses at Old Navy that I liked.


$10 at Old Navy and yes, I’m still rocking heels at 19 weeks pregnant!


I had Super Cash saved up so I bought this maxi dress for $15, again at Old Navy.

I hated not having my boys at home with me on Saturday. From what I hear, they both missed me too! On Sunday, Andy’s mother and I  drove to Charlotte, NC to meet Andy and Connor. Connor was the Best Man in my Dad’s fourth wedding. 


I couldn’t stop telling him how handsome he looked. He took his vest, tie and jacket off as soon as he could!

We all struggled to get out of bed this morning. We are exhausted. Connor had a field trip with his first grade class today. Andrew was able to go with him. They went to our local science center where most of their activities were outside. They are both a little sunburned, which created more exhaustion. We are going out to dinner for Cinco de Mayo with a few friends tonight. Afterward we are going to bed early! 


How was your weekend? Was it packed or were you able to rest?



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