May Goals

Happy May! I absolutely love the month of May. The spring colors and flowers, the smell of chlorine and sunscreen…it’s finally here! Today we are going for Baby Moore’s anatomy scan and ultrasound. My contractions are now coming at all hours and are more painful. I am anxious about this appointment. I want to see my son, healthy and happy on the monitor. I want my Doctor to confirm that the contractions are only because Dawson is growing so fast. I would appreciate prayers sent our way around 3:30 today!

So, let’s talk about today’s title: May Goals. After getting pregnant I didn’t really set any. Not good. I’m a planner and I LOVE making lists. I’m back on my game now. Some of my goals involve exercise. Some are just good for my soul!

1. Yoga 3x a week for the whole month- I have been good about this goal but I want to stick to it. I’ve really missed it on days when I don’t go. It has really helped with my flexibility. I believe that it will come in handy during Dawson’s delivery.

2. Read at least 2 chapters in Real Marriage- This is a fabulous book, I highly recommend it! The Driscolls’ discuss issues that I’ve never heard another pastor talk about. I have very strong opinions on marriage and divorce. I do not like to share them on social media because it can be a sensitive topic. However, this book is for anyone who is considering marriage, engaged, married, divorced, etc. I wish Andy and I had a copy of it when we first got married. We are reading it with a small group of friends and we discuss it after so many chapters. Again, I highly suggest this to everyone.


3. Catch up on Isabelle and Dawson’s scrapbooks I started a scrapbook for Dawson when I found out that I was pregnant. I have only finished one page! I also am working on a scrapbook for my newest niece, Isabelle. I will document from her birth up until her first birthday and give it to her at her 1st birthday party. My goal is to be caught up with both of these books by the end of the month. I don’t like to be behind on tasks!


4. Tutu Special-My blogger/runner friend, Katherine had an amazing response to her custom tutu giveaway last week. Because of that, many of my readers and followers are new to me and my blog. I decided that I wanted to offer a tutu special as a way to say “Thank You” for visiting my blog! From May 1st through May 15th ALL tutus are Buy 1, Get 1 Half Off! This offer is good for babies, children and adults. Please send me an email at greaterfitnessblog at(@) gmail .(dot) com so that we can start discussing your design.


Do you set monthly goals for yourself? What goals are you currently working on?




2 thoughts on “May Goals

  1. I do not set monthly goals, but every time I read a post about them, I think I should 😉 I set goals for the year and I probably should do a little update on them!!

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