Pregnancy Update: Week 18


I am currently 18 weeks + 3 days pregnant! This photo was taken last night. I don’t normally dress that bad, I was about to go to yoga. It is clear that I am finally over my morning sickness. My appetite is back with a vengeance! I let myself go this week and ate anything that I wanted. There were days earlier in my pregnancy where I could only eat one full meal a day. I made up for that and then some. But, it is back to healthy meals and portions next week.

I am feeling flutters or kicks once or twice a day, usually at night. I have been experiencing contractions for the past 5 days. They usually happen at night when I’m asleep, or getting ready for bed. Last night they had me in tears. I’ve read that this isn’t uncommon at this stage of pregnancy. The baby is growing rapidly now. I have an appointment with my OBGYN on Thursday so we will have a better idea of why I’m contracting. I didn’t experience any contractions with Connor until I went into labor. We have another ultrasound on Thursday. It will be Connor’s first time going with us. I’m looking forward to seeing baby Dawson and Connor’s reaction.

Weight Gain: I’ll find out on Thursday. I’m positive I’ve gained 3-5 pounds since my last check-up.

Cravings: Steak fries. 

Aversions: Some smells give me a headache. 

The Good: Feeling Dawson move. Getting to nap. Loving food again.

The Bad: I have to pee ALL THE TIME! I can’t sleep through the night anymore. I’m feeling the weight in my stomach, especially when I exercise. (But, that isn’t too bad. I like being able to feel him.)

Baby’s Size: A Bell Pepper  (5 in., 7 oz.) according to my Baby Center App. I’ll find out for sure at my appointment on Thursday. I think he’ll measure bigger. 


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