Pregnancy Week 17 Update!

What a difference a week makes! I am feeling so much better now that the nasty virus is out of my house! Thank you all for your well wishes!

I feel like I did before I found out I was pregnant (for the most part). It seems like when the virus went away it took my morning sickness with it. I still feel queasy if I don’t eat right when I wake up. However, I do not feel gross all day, every day.

My niece was born yesterday! She is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen! Her color is absolutely gorgeous too! I haven’t held a newborn since my youngest nephew was born over 2 years ago. It was so sweet to hold a baby who was only hours old! I loved seeing Andy and Connor take turns holding her. Seeing her made me so anxious to meet out little one. I’m thankful that our babies will only be months apart. They will be so precious interacting with one another!


Weight Gain: No idea. I will only weigh at the OB/GYN office & I don’t have an appointment until next week. So far I’ve lost a pound. However, I’m positive I’ve gained weight in the last week.

Cravings: I’m starting to not eat as much Bruster’s ice cream, although I still love it! I craved huge steak fries really badly on Monday. Now that my appetite is back my cravings have subsided a bit.

Aversions: Still mostly meat. Some smells give me a headache.

The Good: I feel Dawson move at least once a day! I have more energy. I finally feel like me again!

The Bad: Acne is back!

Baby’s Size: A Turnip (5 in., 5 oz.) according to my Baby Center App.

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